Our back garden, probably as in most other back gardens, is full of slugs and snails. As with many of these types of creature I have always dismissed them as slimy messy things that get under my feet when it’s dark in the garden. Up close, they are quite interesting – the hole on the left hand side of the creature below is where it breathes – called the┬ápneumostome. The top tentacles are their “eyes” and the bottom tentacles are their “noses”. Wikipedia – it’s a marvelous thing ­čśë

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I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Chairman and Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and an an LRPS and CPAGB

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    Buzzard Fly Past
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    Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea
  • Dovercourt Lighthouse and Scaffolding
    Dovercourt Lighthouse and Scaffolding
  • The Star, Great Dunmow
    The Star, Great Dunmow

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