Wandering through Tesco’s this evening wondering what I could photograph I spotted the Christmas nuts and remembered that my wife gave me (amongst many other things) a nut cracker set last Christmas. When I wanted to get some nuts from Tesco’s last Boxing Day so I could use my Christmas gift, of course, they didn’t have any having moved onto Easter Eggs 😉 To be fair, it’s pretty daft that we have so much Christmas stock in our supermarkets already…and it’s all been there a good month or so already…nuts!

You're all nuts

About the author

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm a member of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and have embarked on my 2nd 365 journey - I completed my first one back in 2012.

  • 153/365v3 – Abstract Lights
    153/365v3 – Abstract Lights
  • 143/365v3 – Festive Corkage
    143/365v3 – Festive Corkage
  • 122/365v3 – Elijah at New Year
    122/365v3 – Elijah at New Year
  • 114/365v3 – Mr McFesto Says “Happy Christmas”
    114/365v3 – Mr McFesto Says “Happy Christmas”

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