Part three of my 2014 favourite albums list…

Number 10 – Rancid – Honour Is All We Know

Rancid - Honour Is All We Know

Another band that have given us a long wait between albums – their last coming out in 2009, this has really had quite a mixed reaction – some feeling it’s a return to form, others thinking it’s a step backwards. Me, well, I really enjoy the album, love the playing, love the true Rancid sound, but it is quite a shallow album…still, number 10 in my list, so can’t be all bad.

Here you get a video of three tracks from the album – well worth hanging around until track three which is a barn stormer!

Download Rancid – …Honor Is All We Know (Deluxe Edition)



Number 9 – Twice – Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook - Twice

Love Hollie Cook for some great mellow reggae vibes, a nice antidote to a lot of the stuff I listen to. This is the second of the pledge albums in this run through, but this time there are a good selection of videos to go at – here’s a string led romp through “Looking For Real Love”

Download Hollie Cook – Twice




Number 8 – Off – Wasted Years

Off - Wasted Years

A bit of a punk supergroup – led by Keith Morris and masters of the short sharp sub minute and a half burst of punk rock mayhem they are also great video makers. Because their tracks are so short and so numerous (well, this is my theory), they produce more videos than most for each album they release and this one is no different (so far there have been 5 videos released) – well worth looking up the two videos featuring Jack Black…but for me my favourite video from the album is this one for Red White and Black – who doesn’t love a video where the Nazis get a kicking!

Download Off – Wasted Years

Number 7 – Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott – What Have We Become

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot - What Have We Become

Just to demonstrate my assertion that I do listen to a wide range of music there’s this. A long time Housemartins & Beautiful South fan it’s not a surprise that this album gets into my Top 10 of the year – great song and a great video directed by Johnny Vegas

Download Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott – What Have We Become






Number 6 – New Model Army – Between Wine and Blood
New Model Army - Between Wine and Blood

For a few of the bands in this list the release of their latest album has been quite a wait, unlike this album from New Model Army. This is a continuation from last years Between Dog and Wolf, a great album in itself. A double disk release featuring 6 new tracks and then on the second disk 11 of the 14 tracks from Between Dog and Wolf performed live. The new tracks are certainly not afterthoughts from the original album and include this great track Angry Planet;

Download New Model Army – Between Wine and Blood




You’ll find the Top 5 here

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