Standing Waiting Colour

Moving on to Woolwich Arsenal…I’d seen that there was some interesting statues and an interesting foot tunnel to have a look at…plus I fancied seeing the Thames Barrier.

On arrival at Woolwich I visited the local Greg’s and got a molten cheese and onion pasty that removed all the skin from the inside of my mouth…it was still damn tasty though – I was really living it up!

I walked down the Thames to have a look at the Assembly by Peter Burke, a group of 18 figures made from cast iron. It’s really quite odd! Depending on where you look there are either 4 or 9 different editions (or versions) of this…according to the artist’s own site, this is Edition 1. My enjoyment of this was rather marred by the fact that the council were in the throws of digging up the surrounding area and had placed an inordinate amount of steel fencing to protect all and sundry from causing themselves an injury…I moved on.

Standing Waiting - Assembly by Peter Burke, Woolwich Arsenal

Standing Waiting Colour - Assembly by Peter Burke, Woolwich Arsenal

Inside Out - Assembly by Peter Burke, Woolwich Arsenal


Wandering back down the coast I enjoyed watching the back and forth of the Woolwich ferry which was doing a roaring trade zipping back and forth across the River Thames – it apparently carries just over 7,000 passengers a day…I think this shot of the ferry tells you all you need to know about the weather this day.

The Woolwich Ferry 2015


Finally, I made my own crossing across, or rather under, the River Thames using the Woolwich Foot Tunnel.

It smells as it looks.

On my wander through I had a chap strolling in the opposite direction having a good old sing-song…not necessarily in tune… which echoed and bounced around the tunnel. As I was reaching the far side a huge cacophony of sound rolled down the tunnel from where I had come…it did cross my mind that the tunnel (built 1912) had finally failed and the Thames was quickly rushing to join me…it turned out to be a very jovial Aussie with a huge hipster beard and a skateboard who had rode the length of the tunnel…it really was quite a fantastic noise and I kicked myself that I hadn’t recorded it.

Woolwich Foot Tunnel

Skateboarding Is Fine

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I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Chairman and Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and an an LRPS and CPAGB

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  1. by Lenie Mets

    Lovely pictures – I visit that part of London a lot and have quite fallen in love with it – I have used the ferry but not the tunnel

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