Station Road Industrial Estate, Dunmow

Something a bit different… I have been enjoying a style of photography called Topographic Photography and particularly how human activity affects the natural landscape – this style began back in the 70’s with photographers like Robert Adams and was continued during the 90’s by the likes of Andreas Gursky – he of the most expensive photograph bought in an auction fame. 

So I was taking a stroll around Great Dunmow on Sunday with this in mind and came across this view of Station Road Industrial Estate which, I felt, kind of fit the brief…

Station Road Industrial Estate, Dunmow

I like the row of terraces, the row created by the industrial building, the road and then the tree line, all topped off with the countryside and then the sky in the background. When I walked down to the estate I enjoyed the buildings themselves

3 to 4

The symmetry broken by the dominant 4 compared to the timid 3, the small differences in an open window and one shaded with a blind…


Lines and lines and lines

5 to 6

Different lines and angles with different perspectives


Surveillance everywhere…

Red White and Blue

Red, white and blue.

I’ll certainly be exploring more of this style of photography in the new year.

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I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm a member of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and have embarked on my 2nd 365 journey - I completed my first one back in 2012.

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