03-365v3 Lines of Communication

You would be forgiven for not having noticed that this 365 project is themed. My wife picked out the theme from a bag with about 25 themes in it – this is supposed to give some focus to my photography. It’s worked…but I haven’t (until today) published an image that fits the theme of lines &/or curves. I’ve shot the images that fit the theme, but I have preferred other images that I have taken and so have published them instead. Strangely, it has made it easier (so far) to get my daily image, although it shouldn’t be difficult on Day 3! I will stick with the theme idea, but will continue publishing my favourite image of the day whether or not it fits the theme.

About the author

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Chairman and Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and an an LRPS and CPAGB

  • 161/365v3 – Lighting The Line
    161/365v3 – Lighting The Line
  • 125/365v3 – Cross Stitch
    125/365v3 – Cross Stitch
  • 105/365v3 Lines of Communication
    105/365v3 Lines of Communication
  • 13/365v3 Valiant Water
    13/365v3 Valiant Water

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