When I showed my wife my original picture for today she said, and I quote, “You’re not publishing that are you?” It wasn’t this photograph nor was it rude – just a bit weird. So anyway I made this instead… ‘cos this isn’t weird at all 😉

We’ve recently had a couple of demonstrations on the use of off camera flash at Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club over the last few weeks…something I am not very good at. So I spent an hour or so messing around with a flash and got some OK shots of a teddy bear and some selfies. Mix them together in photoshop and et voila…

About the author

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm a member of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and have embarked on my 2nd 365 journey - I completed my first one back in 2012.

  • 139/365v3 – Double Trouble
    139/365v3 – Double Trouble
  • 55/365v3 Halloween’s Coming
    55/365v3 Halloween’s Coming
  • 33/365v3 Hey Horse, why the long face?
    33/365v3 Hey Horse, why the long face?
  • More Photoshop!
    More Photoshop!

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