I had a walk around the Greenwich Peninsula in London at the weekend – this is an abstract shot of some of the new flats that are currently being built there.

It’s a bit of an abstract title for the image as well – B♭ at Greenwich, hopefully not too abstract!

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I had a couple of pictures I wanted to go out and get last weekend of the lighthouse over at Dovercourt. It’s an hours drive away so I was not overly pleased to find the lighthouse surrounded in scaffolding…still, I’d got out and I have photoshop…so I got to it

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Stepping to the left hand side of these groynes (see earlier picture) you got quite a different photograph…mainly because you are shooting more into the sun.

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These seals at Horsey Gap are really very lazy…sleep, sleep, sleep is all they seem to do…or is it?

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I was in Norfolk for a couple of days over the weekend for our works Christmas do and actually managed to get up for sunrise! It always helps that I don’t sleep well in a new bed.

Anyhow, I was in Gorleston-on-Sea and had taken the trouble to look at a Google map of the area and had convinced myself I was in Lowestoft so I could shoot the pier…I wasn’t and I couldn’t!

So these groynes were the next best thing!

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I visited Horsey Gap in Norfolk on Saturday where there are over 1400 grey seal pubs…and their parents, gathered along the shore. It’s quite a sight.

So here’s a super cute shot of just one of them who had clearly had a busy day.

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I periodically break out the photoshop and do a bit of compositing – this is made from 6 of my images taken over a period of 3 or 4 years. I’m never too sure when they are finished…but I haven’t tweked this for a while…so we’ll call it done.

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I periodically get asked if I sell my images, and I’ve never really bothered, simply printing them on an ad-hoc basis when asked…but I’ve been getting more and more requests recently, so have bitten the bullet and launched a Smug-Mug store which you can find here –  https://shop.markseton.co.uk/

It’s currently very much a work in progress and there are around 100 images on there so far. If there is a specific image you would like and it’s not yet listed, let me know and I’ll get it added.

You can buy prints from your standard 6 x 4 inch postcard size all the way up to 40 x 30 inches. You can also buy canvas, framed, acrlic mounted images and even get mugs, tot bags and fridge magnets with your favourite image!

The printing is done by Loxley Colour.

Loxley Colour has been serving the UK and Europe for more than 50 years, proving that their dedication to professional photographers is the real deal. Loxley is available exclusively to our commerce account holders.

  • You will find all the traditional glossy, lustre, and metallic prints in the sizes you already know and love.
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