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…remember that line from Blackadder II when the foolish Lord Percy Percy took up alchemy and created “pure Green”?

That kind of sprang to mind with this picture. This flower came in a cheap bunch I picked up from Tesco’s specifically to photograph, Debbie was less than impressed 😉 I have no idea what sort of flower this is but it is definitely “pure Green”

Well, it was -3c last night so I thought it was about time to revisit last summer and warm ourselves up again. So here’s how the windmill at Aythorpe Roding looked on a hot August afternoon.

You don’t get many starfish in Dunmow. This one came from Harlow.

I was stuck in waiting for the gas man to come round and service my boiler, which he did, an hour late, but that was fine. I was glad of having visited the craft store in Harlow where I’d picked up some starfish, shells and beach pebbles (amongst other things) so I was able to create this little scene on my desk in front of the computer. The starfish definitely didn’t react well to being placed in water again and most of the four I had ended up short of an arm or two by the end of the session.

Walking back from the car just 10 minutes ago (it’s 00.05 on the 9/12/11) I looked up at the moon and noticed a very visible and clear circle around the moon. I popped inside and got my camera. Now, the technical qualities of the photograph aren’t necessarily great, but hand-held for 2.5 seconds I don’t think is too bad. Unusually for a photograph you can actually see the phenomenon better in a small version of the picture but feel free to click the image to see a larger version:

As it turns out, and with a little research on Google, this is actually a moon ring, formed by the refraction of Moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. Amazing what you see if you just look! Folklore has it that this is a harbinger of bad weather – brace yourselves 😉

We’re on a bit of a roll with the flower images so let’s carry on. Below is a picture captured back on the 3rd April this year of some hawthorn blossom.

From the same bunch of flowers as yesterday’s chrysanthemum comes this rose. A fairly clear difference, and yet, to me anyway, a more interesting picture. It reminds me of dried tobacco leaves.

Here’s a macro of some chrysanthemum’s we had about the house this weekend – we’d got these, amongst various other flowers last weekend so they had lasted pretty well.

We’ve been going through this years pictures to put together a retrospective off the year. It’s amazing how many pictures I have completely forgotten taking. Take this one for example.

I’m told this is an Oxlip and is a protected species. This picture was taken in West Wood near Thaxted.

…this picture from the last London Photowalk came top of the pile. I just found out today and am well chuffed! See the Diazepam Valium Online Uk here.

You might have seen a slightly different version of this image on this blog a couple of weeks ago – just Where To Buy Valium In London.