as we tend to do, we had a good walk around Rowney Woods today. I had my macro lens with me so was trying to find any creepy crawlies that were around when I came across this which was quite a surprise – the picture below shows what I saw initially – which was a lime green spider – when I looked around the other side I was surprised how colourful it was – not seen one of these before.

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We were doing a bit of gardening this morning and I spotted this very small damselfly come into the garden and hang from a small potted plant. I believe it is a female Emerald Damselfly, lestes sponsa, but please don’t hold me to that…I have a very bad reputation for my critter identification. I assume it has come in from Doctors Pond and it’s the first damselfly I have seen this year.

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It’s been a wet and dreary day today so it was a case of nipping out into the garden between the showers and grabbing what was available.

I ended up with a selection of garden snail macro shots which I quite enjoyed. This fella was having a snooze on a plant pot when I rudely awoke him and plonked him down on some moss and insisted he perform for me…he did at least mooch around unlike some of his friends who steadfastly refused to come out of their shells.

Portrait of a Snail - Cornu aspersum

I have no idea what this little bug is, but I love the fact that it fulfills all the cliches when you think about what a bug should look like.

We wondered why some of the tulips weren’t doing so well. After a heavy rain storm this afternoon it was hard to miss the culprits.

We’ve always had a lot of slugs and snails in the garden – Debbie had put down broken egg shells in all the pots except this one…all the other pots are fine.

Today was my wife’s birthday so we have been celebrating this evening – I have taken my daily picture, but it is currently residing on the CF card awaiting processing which I will do tomorrow. So, for this evening here’s a shot I took last summer but didn’t do anything with until Sunday when it caught my eye as a good subject for the old symmetry trick.

Spotted this fella in Rowney Woods – dragonflies may be bigger than damselflies, and you would have thought they would be easier to photograph – you have to be lucky to get one resting like this – normally they are permanently in motion patrolling their area, damselflies must get tired – they are always resting, waiting for their photo to be taken 😉 The Southern Hawker is one of the largest dragonflies you’ll find in Britain (fractionally smaller than the Emperor Dragonfly)




These bullocks were certainly interested to know what we were doing crossing their field by the River Pant at Little Bardfield


I caught this photograph of a hoverfly feeding on nectar down by the River Pant between Great and Little Bardfield

We are lucky enough to have a large area of lavender in our back garden. We didn’t plant it there, it just arrived one year and we have enjoyed it every year since…as have the local hoverflys, amongst others 😉