Out in the garden today with my macro lens and I caught this spider shinning down his web at a fair rate of knots:

This may or may not be a winter damselfly – its colours are right but it could just be an immature damselfly of another variety. It was seen on the River Pant at Little Bardfield.

Spotted this mayfly taking a breather in Ford End yesterday.

These two created the subject of my 365 project a couple of days ago.



As we walked through a farmyard in Ugley this cow was quite keen to meet us…



Parting to the right

This is an old shot taken back in August of last year but is one of my wife’s favourites – never one to bow to pressure… 😉

Parting to the right



It’s a tough life being a fluffy cat.

Elijah - the fluffy cat


Squirrels of Hanningfield Reservoir

When I visited Hanningfield Reservoir I was really there to see the birds, although I was under no illusion that my meagre 200mm lens was not going to be long enough to catch the birds, especially as the reservoir is so low – you can’t get anywhere near the edge of the water where the birds hang out.

Fortunately, I was royally entertained by the large number of squirrels that were out diging up their acorns and such like. Here’s one typically cheeky chap.

Squirrels of Hanningfield Reservoir

We’re heading back to Rowney Woods this weekend, but here’s a shot from our last visit of some of the many deer entering Rowney Woods.

I’m full of cold and miserable so let’s warm up a bit.

This was taken on a lovely summers day – 30th July to be precise and was taken in Little Bardfield in Essex. I like the fact that the butterfly is sharp and the daisy is out of focus, but I do wish I had taken one with both sharp as well – often a mistake I make – not shooting all permutations of a picture.

Still…I feel a lot warmer now.