This one is from back in August and was taken at the Countess of Warwick’s Country Show in Little Easton.

There was a chap there displaying his falconry skills and his birds of prey and this Harris Hawk was part of them. They originally come from the south western United States south to Chile and central Argentina and are used in Falconry as they are easy to train and relatively social.

Back to the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club…

I don’t recall ever having seen a bearded dragon in real life before but, in real life, they are not as spooky as they sound, quite the contrary.

When walking around the countryside in Essex you periodically see a flash of grey as a squirrel zips up a tree, very rarely do you get an easy picture out of them. Not so this little fella just outside London’s City Hall.

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Slug City

Slug City

Our back garden, probably as in most other back gardens, is full of slugs and snails. As with many of these types of creature I have always dismissed them as slimy messy things that get under my feet when it’s dark in the garden. Up close, they are quite interesting – the hole on the left hand side of the creature below is where it breathes – called the┬ápneumostome. The top tentacles are their “eyes” and the bottom tentacles are their “noses”. Wikipedia – it’s a marvelous thing ­čśë

Back to Rowney Woods this morning where we saw a whole mass of fallow deer. we started by seeing a loan stag patroling the edge of the woods on his own, he looked quite young.

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Back to Rowney Woods between Thaxted and Saffron Walden in Essex.

These woods abound with wildlife and we saw something on Sunday that we haven’t seen before here – a frog:

I mucked up taking this photograph, I’d forgotten to change my f-stop and was at f14 so I had to use On One’s excellent Focal Point 2 to blur out the surrounding vegetation – apologies to all the non-photographers out there who have no idea what I have just said ­čśë

This Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) was photographed in Rowney Woods a week and a half ago, but it is becoming more and more common to see these throughout the year. Previously these would only be present in the UK between May and September so it will be interesting to see if this is one of the last Red Admiral’s we see this year or if we continue to see them into autumn and beyond.

We’ve not had a song title/reference for a while so see if you can get this one.

We visited West Wood just outside Thaxted at the weekend (actually on our way back to Dunmow from Rowney Wood) and found this chap hanging around in a most peculiar position!

Found today in the bath was this monster.

He cast quite a shadow! He was caught and put out in the garden. Debbie thought she could hear him walking on the gravel!

We visited Rowney Woods again today and saw loads of wildlife including a muntjac deer and a small group of fallow deer – needless to say, none were to keen to be photographed! The dragonflies were out in force and there were plenty of other smaller creatures including this Forest Shieldbug (Pentatoma rufipes)