Not the picture I was going to post today…I had a great shot of a rabbit in the local graveyard…unfortunately, for the second time recently, I hadn’t put the SD card in and so didn’t get anything…so popped out into the garden and spotted this bee…

Of course, he wasn’t…but nor was he going to give his position away by moving..

Look, it’s been raining, and I’ve only just got up, and I’ve not had time to brush my hair…

You’ve heard of a bird in the hand…well here’s a Sparrow in the tree…doesn’t have the same ring to it really 😉

I always think that I’ll spend a bit of time on these sort of anniversary shots like the 250th shot of the year…I always either don’t realise it’s the anniversary or I simply don’t have the time or opportunity to get a good shot…rather like today.

Another exhausting day over with…just time for a snooze…

Look. it wasn’t ‘cos he hissed at me for no good reason…he’s a young ‘un…really!

Badger really did not want to engage with the photographer today!

From this mornings walk…he was a very busy squirrel!


Occasionally we get the odd Greylag Goose paying a visit to Doctors Pond and this chap was a fine specimen, strutting his stuff amongst the squabbling ducks and Canada Geese. Sad to report that we are down to 4 ducklings now from the original 7.