Walking back from my early morning walk I saw a couple of these small birds in the hedgerow. Unusually they didn’t take one look at me and leg it, so I got a reasonable shot of a bird for once. I originally thought this was a Wren but with a bit of research I discovered it is in fact a Dunnock. There’s another shot of him after the break

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Lovely work this lunchtime through Rowney Woods in Essex. There was a slight mist throughout the woods giving some great atmosphere…there was also a lot of bird activity including

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He doesn’t often allow me to take his picture, especially not close up, so I was very honoured that he sat still and let me get in his face!

He’s a very willing model when a fee of 4 x Dreamies are offered for fulfilling modelling duties 😉

Happy New Year to you all!

I got Debbie a new bird table for Christmas and we have had the first visitors to it – they may not have all arrived at the same time ;-). The Sparrows, Doves and Tits are still rather suspicious of it and haven’t yet ventured into it…

Elijah has definitely had enough of the Christmas spirit and would like everyone to shut up and leave him alone.

The bugger didn’t come back after I had decorated the bird feeder with tinsel!

Wandered onto Doctors Pond today to photograph some of the birds gathered there, The seagulls were in fine voice swooping down onto the water…not sure what they were trying to catch, or if it was just practice…but they caught nothing while I was there.

Today’s been the first day for a while that I haven’t had a picture by dinner time. So Badger, ensconced on his new favourite place got the full treatment…sadly the radiator behind him rather spoilt the picture…but we sorted it out eventually.

I ventured out first thing this morning into a rather dark and overcast morning and took a walk around Doctors Pond. I was surprised to find a pair of Barnacle Geese, which I haven’t seen here before – they don’t normally get this far south and east in the UK