The bugger didn’t come back after I had decorated the bird feeder with tinsel!

Wandered onto Doctors Pond today to photograph some of the birds gathered there, The seagulls were in fine voice swooping down onto the water…not sure what they were trying to catch, or if it was just practice…but they caught nothing while I was there.

I ventured out first thing this morning into a rather dark and overcast morning and took a walk around Doctors Pond. I was surprised to find a pair of Barnacle Geese, which I haven’t seen here before – they don’t normally get this far south and east in the UK

There used to be a swan sanctuary in Mistley so you always get a large selection of swans marching around on the road side but it was these greylag geese (Anser anser) that I particularly enjoyed this lunchtime.

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Another visit to Alton Water in Suffolk. This lunchtime I parked up at the main car park and set off to visit a part of the lake I hadn’t been to before. There’s a large outcrop of land that juts out into the main lake giving a nice view of the reservoir in both directions…it’s also a good spot for Grey Herons (Ardea cinerea) to hide away from prying eyes (or cameras). I spotted this one on the opposite bank and allowed me to photograph him/her for a short while before getting irritated and flying off. 

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Tool a quick sprint down to Pin Mill on the River Orwell at lunchtime and took this shot of the Betula. The tide was in, and when the tide is in, there’s actually not much coastline to get at…still a lovely spot.

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I’ve gone selfy mad – this is the second one in two weeks after having a maximum one per year policy…and often delivering less than that.

Sat on the beach at Lower Holbrook in Suffolk…there was a lot of bird activity and it was just a lucky coincidence that the 5 bird fly past occurred just at the right moment.

This Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) on Alton Water had just caught his fish supper when he spotted me and headed off in the opposite direction.

We had an extensive product shoot today – lots of my wife’s new projects needed to be photographed. We took some of the shots in the garden and whilst I was waiting for the next shot to be ready I saw this Wagtail on our roof.

Full of cold today with a banging head and a sore throat…so took off into a good strong breeze and walked down the Suffolk coast from Stutton to Lower Holbrook…kill or cure! I’m not a birder and never know what I’m looking at (and don’t really have the kit, skill or application to photograph it particularly well). These may be Grey Plovers, but are probably seagulls! I saw a heron in flight as well.

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