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A very dull grey day today. I took a quick drive up to Alton Water and saw all sorts of interesting birds – cormorants, great crested grebes, a robin, wagtails, blue tits, a lovely white Egret…and what do I bring back photographically…a seagull!

I wouldn’t normally publish a photograph like this because, frankly, it’s not very good…but it excited me that, without knowing it, I had photographed a bird I’d never (knowingly) seen before, being the Lapwing. Now, I’m in no way a twitcher, but since I took up photography I have certainly become more interested in wildlife generally.

It wasn’t a great day for photography – I popped out and had been walking up the bank of the river Stour (where this was taken) when the heavens opened and in the space of 100 yards (the dash back to the car) I was soaked to the skin – trousers only this time as I did have a waterproof coat on for once.

I’ve never seen so many pheasants in one field before, good thing hunting season hasn’t started yet!

These swans came straight across to me when I stepped down onto the edge of the lake – obviously looking for food, I thought…but no – they marched up out of the water hissing at me…charming!

There’s a small pond next door to the office and I’ve seen these two moorhens popping in and out to feed on the grass. Everytime they see me they immediately dive into the cover around the pond. So this afternoon you could find me dangling out of the window taking this photograph…they were none the wiser.

Back to work after my short break and I popped across the River Stour to Mistley which is adjacent to Manningtree.

I had no idea there were so many swans here – in this picture you can only see a tiny fraction of the swans that are in the area…literally hundreds

There’s been a second batch of ducklings appear in Dunmow over the last couple of weeks. This little fella was out on his own this evening stuffing his face on the bugs buzzing around the surface. I’ve no idea where the rest of the family was, but he was perfectly content.

This (possibly fledgling) female blackbird appeared in our garden this morning. We didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to her until this afternoon when we realised she was still in residence and was not, apparently, capable of flying any distance. We then noticed that she had a damaged leg and was scraping her beak on the floor. She was eating plenty of slugs and we put out a handful of seed which she gobbled up.

After a call to the RSPCA we went out with a box to capture her…and she flew off, clearly recuperated enough following whatever had happened to her to now leave without difficulty.

This is just one of the myriad of birds around Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow this afternoon.

It was a glorious afternoon and I decided to go and sit, with my camera, by the pond and see what was about to photograph. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, ducks, geese, wagtails, doves, crows, pigeons and this Blackbird were all busy around the pond and I spent a happy 40 minutes happily snapping away in the sunshine.

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