I’ve done a lot of driving today. We headed out to Wingfield near Eye and had a look at the EAF (East Anglian Photographic Federation) Exhibition (including 2 of my pictures). We were surprised to find about 10 other people in attendance which bodes well for the number of people visiting. We then scooted over to Aldeburgh to have fish and chips on the beach, then finally back north to Lowestoft to visit Somerleyton Hall…more pics to follow ;-). We finally got home about 7.00pm having had a very pleasant day out.

I particularly liked this shot (one of a fair number!) of the black headed gull because of the toy town effect on the boats in the background.

I was quite surprised when I counted up the number of ducklings this female Mallard had in tow – eleven…and not a male in sight 😉

There was clearly plenty of tasty morsels to go at on the side of Doctors Pond as all the ducklings were busy pecking away at the side of the pond wall.

This is a composite of two shots both taken this evening whilst I sat by Doctors Pond watching the world go by.

This jackdaw has taken to visiting our bird table but absolutely refuses to have his photograph taken in any conventional manner so I had to accept this was the best I was going to get of him today.

I know, she’s missing her bonnet 😉

This female mallard duck was being pestered up and down Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow by various male mallards – she was definitely centre of attention.

A Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) flying low over Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow this evening

The dreary weather continues unabated…I popped out inbetween showers and grabbed this shot of the local Geese around Doctors Pond, then an almighty crash of thunder and flash of lightning sent me scurrying back home. I then spend the next couple of our mounting some images for our next round of the print competition at Bishops Stortford Camera Club.


Reflected Landings

I spent 20 minutes sitting on a bench on Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow one Saturday evening. Just enjoying the warm summer peace that you get here…sometimes. I spotted the ducks flying in a caught this shot of them as they came into land on the pond.

Reflected Landings


Two By Two

Heading off into the depths of rowney woods were these two mallards.

Two by Two


Little Egret in Great Dunmow

I spotted this fellow on a wander through Dunmow last Sunday morning. I accidentally disturbed him (I had no idea he was there) and he flew off into these trees.  This looks to my very untrained eye to be a Little Egret – a type of heron to you and me. Give the image a click to get a closer look.

Little Egret in Great Dunmow