The 365 this time round really doesn’t feel like its got off the ground just yet. A combination of being mega busy at work and quite dreadful weather has kept me indoors too much. As such I’m limited to table photography much of the time…I have plenty of subjects available but it’s not the sort of photography that gets me very excited. Not to worry…things can only get better!

Today we had Sockeye Salmon for our dinner…it was lovely!

It wasn’t my intention to have 2 of my wife’s products one after the other on the 365, but when I got home tonight she was very pleased with these new luurve bunnies she has created as a Valentines gift that will be sold on Don’t rush there to pick them up yet – they’re not finished yet…indeed, they are as naked as the day they were born ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have a number of photographic jobs at home – one of which is the relentless pursuit of cat photography and the other is as the official photographer for The Crimson Rabbit (

My wife completed another one of her Glamour Waves lines today so I was summoned to break out the camera and photograph it so she could load it onto her Etsy sales area here. She’s got quite an extensive range of high quality crochet and knitted goods available along with decorative dolls and the like – well worth a visit ๐Ÿ˜‰

Needless to say, this wasn’t going to be my daily shot…but the shots I took of what I wanted to publish failed miserably, so this was a useful back up.

Tuesday’s are always tricky for the daily photograph, especially at this time of year, get up in the dark, drive to work in ย the driving rain, try to pop out at lunchtime, but its chucking it down, drive home in the dark and then go to camera club in the evening…where, of course, you rarely take your camera ๐Ÿ˜‰

On my way home I had the idea of taking another (more) minimalist shot of a polo. So, popped into Tesco’s on the way home from camera club and, once I had found them, bought some Polos….broke out the macro lens when I got home and voila as I never say ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is often the way that the simple shots are the hardest to take. Indeed I had to faff about with this a fair amount in photoshop to get it someway close to where I wanted it. Of course, as usually happens, I had to rush the shooting of this as it went straight into the frying pan when I had finished with it and became part of my tea!

It’s a sod is Facebook – you’re all ready to add a post to your blog and all hell kicks off…(you get into a long winded conversation about what is right and wrong in journalistic photography…it’s a minefield I tell you!)

Today we have just about the only decent shot I got all day during our walk through Rowney Woods…it was wet, muddy and dull…but still a great place to be (didn’t I say something similar yesterday?)

I popped out this morning to go to the bakers and went the long way round through Doctors Pond and then up into the town via Star Lane. I took this shot as a fall back as I had an idea about a table top shot I wanted to take. After hours taking the shot and mucking about with it in photoshop…you get the back-up shot…say no more!

When you removed your tape from the machine and it looked like this you knew there was trouble in Hitsville. If the cassette hadn’t already failed it was certainly on its way out…and this tends to be the issue with many analogue things that we all reminisce about…forgetting that, actually, they were a bit rubbish compared with what we have now!

The effect, if you are wondering, is cross polarization.

Along with, I suspect, many other people, I do have some really irritating problems with my computer. Today the card reader stopped working…for 4 or 5 hours…and then, for no good reason (apart from me swearing at it periodically) it started working again…why?

I find this image quite fascinating. It’s like noise on a TV screen, and yet, in amongst the apparent randomness there are patterns and repetition…I accept. it may just be me but I can get quite lost in this image.

If you’re wondering, it is the condensation on my bathroom window this morning.

I haven’t been up this early in the morning on New Years Day for probably about 35 years! I’m clearly getting older ๐Ÿ™

So, this years 365 project gets off to an early start…when I stepped out of the house I was greeted with pretty flat grey skies…then the (very short) show began. Somewhere below the horizon gaps in the clouds allowed this lovely red sky to develop – I grabbed 6 shots of it over the 9 minutes there was any colour in the sky before it reverted back to flat grey. It was a good thing I was early as officially sun rise was at 08.06 here and all the action had finished by 07.59.

The town bell was clanging 8.00pm as I made my way back into the house!