This was a bit odd as it didn’t appear to be raining anywhere, indeed there were very few clouds around at all, as you can see…

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Full of cold today with a banging head and a sore throat…so took off into a good strong breeze and walked down the Suffolk coast from Stutton to Lower Holbrook…kill or cure! I’m not a birder and never know what I’m looking at (and don’t really have the kit, skill or application to photograph it particularly well). These may be Grey Plovers, but are probably seagulls! I saw a heron in flight as well.

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Looking down into the sea at Manningtree from the top of these stairs did not look anything like this…I think browny grey would be a better description of the colour. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of photoshop – it now looks like the pool that the baby was in on the Nirvana album cover.

I’m doing a photography course all about composition, the first subject was “Lines”

I don’t think this was quite what they had in mind.

(no flour was harmed or snorted in the making of this photograph 😉 )

Poor weather is a pain, but with it you will usually get some striking sunsets – this evening was no exception.

There has been a unifying theme to many of the images I have taken this week – lines – as part of a course I’m doing – this represents curved lines – I’d actually spotted this shot a few days ago but couldn’t take it because of the poor weather – today – with plenty of sunshine I captured the shot just as I wanted to. Pretty much everything is curved here – OK – the telegraph poles aren’t, the the lines between them are.

We’ve had a great Autumn, but the weather is definitely closing in now. Rain all day today, with just the briefest of pauses…and I was lucky enough to be out at Alton Water on Lemons Hill when that pause happened…but it really was not a pleasant day to be stood on an exposed bridge…even all the birds had hidden themselves away.

Tuesday found me mooching around Woolverstone Marina…there’s some money here, let me tell you! A wide range of boats from modest yachts all the way up to very impressive cruisers that must have cost a fair penny. I was kind of surprised (but grateful) that I could just wander down onto the Marina and photograph as I pleased.

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A few months ago I took a shot from the works car park – here’s another shot from a slightly different angle to catch the rather nice sunset we had after a day that had been quite dismal.

A quiet day putting together this weeks Bishops Stortford Camera Club digital competition meant there wasn’t much time for actual photography. Debbie also had me rebuilding her web site and asked me to take a shot of her latest quilt that she had just completed for an order…and that was that!