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This wasn’t quite what I had in mind for today’s shot, but I have had this tap sat on my desk at work for no good reason since I started here a few months ago…good a reason as any!

Was up early this morning so left early hoping the fog would still be around when I got into Suffolk…it was, but not much, so I gave up on that idea and popped down to Flatford and Dedham Vale to take this very Constable like photograph that I then pushed through the new Topaz Impressions to make it even more Constabley 😉

Horrible weather found me mooching around the workshop for a subject. It really was the colours that caught my eye and the repetition…I have no idea what the plugs are used for (other than it will be electrical…possibly)

I took just one photo today…this was it!

I may have mentioned that my wife knits and crochets  all sorts of shawls, hats, cosies and what have you, and I’m the official photographer…if you are interested have a look over at Where Can I Buy Real Valium Online. So today was a photo session for that – here’s an example.

I popped back to the scene of a photo I took earlier this week. The tide, which I thought was going out, was a lot higher than last time I was here so I couldn’t get round the fallen tree. I didn’t mind, as this turned out to be just as interesting a picture.

I used my Hitech 10 stop filter, but really enjoyed the blue cast that I got SOCC so kept it, correcting the colour only in the bottom corner for the sand.

After the break, hear how I managed to get cut off by the tide…

Buy Liquid Diazepam

This is Alton Water at Lemons Hill. I really had a hard time choosing between this and the colour version for today’s photo…but I’m a sucker for black and white! You can see the colour version after the break..

I rather kicked myself as I’d left my phone in the car and didn’t have a watch with me…so counted…I was aiming for 120 seconds – it was actually 141 seconds…

Buy Bulk Diazepam Uk

I popped into Manningtree at lunchtime, I got as far as the Co-Op’s car park that backs onto the River Stour and so I took a walk along the banks as the tide came in – plenty of swans and even a Kingfisher were about on a pleasant if blowy lunchtime. On the far horizon you can just make out the cranes at Felixstowe.

This lunchtime…I had a lunch hour…first time in over a week! So I drove down to Lower Holbrook and took a stroll down the coast. I found a small beach and then further along a whole load of trees that were being slowly pulled back into the sea/river – this is the tidal part of the River Stour.

Buy Valium India