356/366 The Christmas Tree

We’re nearly there and, unusually, our Christmas Tree has already been up for nearly a week. We’re normally a lot later putting it up what with one thing and another. Presents have started to appear under the tree…I still haven’t wrapped any of mine, but I have at least got them all πŸ˜‰

The Christmas Tree


355/366 The Works Christmas Party – At The Tables

It was the works Christmas party last night and we went to a big marquee out in North Weald to a “From Russia With Love” themed party. It was good fun. By the time I took this shot I’d had a bottle and a half of Shiraz and 3 pints so I was quite surprised I didn’t have to straighten it too much…I had a headache this morning πŸ˜‰

At The Tables



354/366 The Ghost

I’ve been playing with fire today…well, smoke. As usual this wasn’t what I was going for but enjoyed making it nonetheless. He’s a little pot bellied fella with a gaping mouth!

The Ghost


353/366 T-Junction

Camera Club finished for Christmas last week but a few of us gathered in Spellbrook to take some light trail pictures. Well, OK, we went to the pub as well πŸ˜‰ I liked this one because the lights make the T of the T-Junction…if that makes any sense πŸ˜‰



352/366 Chris Hillman

This gentleman is our tutor on our City and Guilds Level 2 Photography course in Chelmsford. As you will gather, this evening we have been learning lighting for portraiture photography, with an emphasis on the correct focal length to use. This was shot at 70mm, ideally I should have had my 70-200mm lens with me so I could have gone to somewhere around 100mm. This was processed using Portrait Professional which is an excellent piece of software.

Chris Hillman


351/366 Peeping Through The Tinsel

This is the lesser spotted Badger. I am rarely allowed to approach him, let alone photograph him. He is definitely my wife’s cat and has as little to do with me as he can. Here he is waiting for his mother to come upstairs to bed, peeping through the banisters and tinsel.

Peeping Through The Tinsel


350/366 I Love You!

My parents have had a number of English Setters over the years, this is their latest, Milly, who is the softest, best tempered dog I have ever come across. Nothing makes her happier than a good stroke.

I Love You


349/366 Rushing into Christmas

I can’t believe we only have a little over a week before Christmas…I have just about completed my Christmas shopping though!

Debbie put the Christmas tree and decorations up this evening, so we are looking nice and festive. To celebrate I dug out the lensbaby…I’ve used this a couple of times before…but I only found the aperture disks tonight…it took another half an hour to work out how to take out the aperture disks!

Anyhow, here you go, Rushing into Christmas

Rushing into Christmas


348/366 Chain Constructed Yarn

Mega soft wool & alpaca, I’m reliably informed that this is quite unusual. I just liked the texture and lines (plus I just have to go to bed and this was quick ;-).

Chain constructed yarn



347/366 Where Have All The Children Gone?

This is one of the local playgrounds in Dunmow. When I was growing up these would be well populated with teenagers in the early evening, nowadays I guess they are all inside on their Playstations. and to be fair, it was about -3C when I took this photograph – so who’s the dummy πŸ˜‰

Just a quick comment on the look of this shot – I’m not entirely sure why the trees are so green. I’m assuming this is caused by the fact I am using the floodlights of the local tennis club (to the left of the shot) to provide some of the light and I assume this is giving the picture, and particularly the treesΒ  a green colour cast. That said, I like the look, it gives it a kind of dirty chemical look that appeals to me.

Where Have All The Children Gone?