The Dunmow lights are a little disappointing, but The Starr, as always, put on a very Christmasy front!

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345/366 Look What TNT Brought Me Today

I won a new iPad Mini…I was well chuffed.

iPad Mini


343/366 Juiced

You may recall Tuesday’s photograph of some Limes…well, they’ve been used now…very nice Thai dinner.



342/366 Sliced Fruit

Now I have finished my exams I should have more free time to concentrate on my photography…of course, I haven’t. So, as usual I’m taking my shot around 11.00pm and, because I really do have to learn how to use photoshop at some point…I’m getting round to publishing the shot at half past midnight!

This was fun, not an original idea, but I’m pleased with the outcome.

Magic Slices


341/366 Amongst the Remote Controls

He’s not allowed on the coffee table, he’s a naughty boy…mind you, we could probably do with tiding it up a bit…

Amongst the Remote Controls


340/366 Out the Bathroom Window – First Snow of Winter

We were surprised, as I think everyone was, to wake up this morning and find the world was white. No indication had been given the night before on the forecast that this was on the way, still, it meant I won’t be scrabbling around at 11.45pm tonight trying to work out what to take for today’s photograph.

Out The Bathroom Window - Snow


339/366 Limes

This looked so much better on the back of the camera…

I broke the flash out to do this and bounced it off the ceiling and down onto the subject and I had a lamp to the left filling in some light on that side.



338/366 Loose Connections

I’m mid way through my exams…remind me…at 45 years old, why am I doing bloody exams again – I hated them last time I did them when I was 18 and they haven’t improved any πŸ˜‰

So, I had to hightail it across from Wandsworth after the exam to attend the weekly City & Guilds lesson in Chelmsford and finally got home at 10.30 for a microwave Chinese – I cooked it all on my own though πŸ˜‰

So what do you get – a photograph of some connectors blu-tacked to a wooden desk..and you’d better be gratfeful (even if it isn’t straight)!

Loose Connections


337/366 A Moonlit Doctors Pond

Never having paid much attention to the moon before I started photography, I was surprised to find that it moves all over the place…so I hadn’t realised that I would be able to include it in a shot of Doctors Pond from where I was shooting tonight.

I had popped out to photograph Dunmow High Street as the Christmas lights were put up today. Now, we are a very small town so I don’t expect much…which is probably just as well…I didn’t bother photographing them…

Not to worry – The Starr Restaurant always has a good tree and lights outside and this year is no exception, sadly, I don’t like the shots I took of itΒ  – totally my fault!

So I tried the new Town Square which, rather bizarrely, is also a road…no tree, no lights…yet. The town council did have a very nice tree and lights here last year, I’m hoping I’m just a bit early to catch them this year πŸ˜‰

So, for a change πŸ˜‰ you get Doctors Pond…it was freezing over and the ducks were having to stand on the ice in parts of the pond.

Moonlit Doctors Pond

Our one shot challenge for our City & Guilds course this week is “Down My Street”…I set it and am now struggling to come up with something interesting (although I do have a possible plan ;-)). So I popped out tonight and grabbed this shot. Unusually for me there is a human in the shot ;-). I was recently asked why there was never any people in my shots and whilst I do occasionally photograph people it is pretty unusual to have them in my more landscapey shots…so apologies for the young lady who got caught tonight!

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