I finally got out and about today and drove across to Berners Roding and had a look at the semi-derelict church there that I have photographed before. I took a walk across the fields to shoot the sunset which was OK, but nothing spectacular, I turned round to head back to the car and saw the below picture. In my opinion, far more interesting than the sunset.

Having had a few days of dreadful weather, today was beautiful sunshine all day. My plan was to pop out from work at lunchtime and go down to the River Stort to take some pictures…work had other plans for me though.

So, back home I had a couple of ideas for pictures but I didn’t have the appropriate props so I fell back on one of my guitars. I suspect you will become very familiar with my guitars over the next few months – I’ll try to hold them back for emergencies, but no promises.

I really like what the depth of field does to the strings on this picture – it makes it look like they are being vigorously strummed – they weren’t!

As a youth I loved Crass (“loving” Crass is probably an oxymoron), I was banned from bringing their albums into school, filled as they were with extreme political ideals and vitriolic music. I still love them and was delighted when they decided (rather un-Crass like) to reissue all their albums – they all got the remastered treatment, great new sound, fabulous packaging, the full works and I have been re-purchasing them as they came out (This does, of course, mean I now have 3 copies of these – vinyl, original CD and remastered CD). The last album (Ten Notes on a Summers Day) was originally to be released sort of spring time last year…but we still wait and so my Crass symbol remains incomplete.

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This was far harder to photograph than it should have been what with clearing away all the knitting on top of the stereo unit to find the old record player under an inch of dust. Was surprised when the record player worked straight away…but then couldn’t find any vinyl!

Half an hour later – JJ Burnel’s Un Jour Parfait in hand we’re ready to start.

You would not believe the amount of bright white dust particles and really tiny hairs that were all over this. In normal light the record looked clean. In the blaze of a flashlight and under the scrutiny of a 105mm macro lens it all popped out to almost ruin the picture (such as it is!).

Photoshop to the rescue and it doesn’t look too bad.

Back to work today in a gale with driving rain – just what you want as you are setting out on a 366 project.

I did get a picture of the rain as it drummed against the office window, but it was such a depressing shot I decided not to go for that one, so instead, here’s my dinner!

Now, we have a fair division of labour here – Debbie cooks and I wash up so I can say this 😉 It’s really not what you want to hear when your wife tells you your dinner looks disgusting as she pops it down in front of you! She covered it up well with the tomato sauce and parmesan and, for once, looks were definitely misleading – it tasted fantastic.

Everywhere we went today you could see the moon and it reminded me of the B52’s track “There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)”. So much so that I had to listen to it when I arrived home. I had hoped that there’d be some clever way I could tie in the lyrics with this image…there wasn’t 😉

Still, this Morris Minor 1000 we saw near Great Sampford, appears to be looking wistfully to the moon as it waits for the final visit of the AA Relay team.

For those of you not familiar with the whole concept of a 365 project, the idea is that, come rain or shine, I will take and publish at least 1 new photograph per day for a year. You will notice that this is post 001 of 366 – 366, because this year is a leap year so it’s extra special (honest).

The images will be posted here, on my Google+ account and on my Flickr account – you’ll get more here because I will (where appropriate and where taken) include images that didn’t make it to be the pick of the day

So – I wanted a good start and set off this afternoon to capture some of the glories of Essex, as I stepped out of the door the heavens opened…No matter I thought, I’ll go and visit one of the local Churches – I’m sure to find something of interest there. So a visit to Great Canfield Church followed. I dashed out of the car to the entrance of the Church only to find it all locked up…Not to worry, I’ll have a drive round in the pouring rain and see what I find.

I drive through Hatfield Broad Oak most weeks but have never visited the Church so I made my way there – the door was open and in I went. It was dark, very dark. I took some brackets (multiple pictures of the same thing but at different exposures) for HDR purposes and came home, rather wet and not at all sure I’d got anything worth keeping.

So, in true British style, I fell back on a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake. The cake, a Whiskey Dundee Cake was made by my mother for Christmas and is delicious. She told me she had to make it some weeks before Christmas and was worried about it drying out so had added extra whiskey. It hasn’t dried out but it’s not recommended to drive for a few hours after eating a slice 😉