335/366 (More Than) 5 bottles of Shampoo

Tonight’s photo has been in my head for some time and was inspired by The King Blues track 5 Bottles of Shampoo, which you can listen to below. There has always been a lot of shampoo by our bath and those of you who know me will know that it is not used by me – because I’m folically challenged, not because i am dirty 😉

She put on the counter some bread and milk too,
and then she pulled out 5 different bottles of shampoo.
And I thought to myself, “I will never understand women.”

(More Than) 5 Bottles of Shampoo


334/366 Inside the Physalis

Of the 3 photographs in this short little series, this is the most disappointing…OK – that sounds a little strong, but I’m quite underwhelmed by the inside of this sweet little fruit. Quite what I was expecting I don’t know, so I do accept that this whinging is a bit silly…nonetheless, I wanted something explosive 😉 I’m still glad I found this nice little fruit and will probably continue to buy them periodically.

Inside the Physalis


333/366 Physalis Part Two

So we move onto a close up macro shot of one of these fruits which really shows off the papery “shell” the fruits are contained in.

A single Physalis


332/366 Physalis

I remember seeing my first Kiwi Fruit and Ugly Fruit when I was 9 or 10, they were really unusual and quite a treat. My parents had a close friend who was a fruit and veg man and he’d give us gifts of these strange and exotic fruits at Christmas…often playing with the International date line so he could say they had been picked just yesterday even though they had been flown across from New Zealand and were actually 2 days out of the earth (or off the tree/bush), marketers eh!

So this is a fruit I hadn’t come across before but noticed in our local Tesco’s weeks ago. I knew it would be worth photographing, so today you get an overview. You may well get a close up of the papery leafy covering they come with and a look inside one of the fruits…we’ll see how my list of subjects for this weeks photos goes…

Anyway, they are sticky to the touch but pleasant enough to eat, there’s a slightly tart, yet sweet grape taste to them and it reminds me somewhat of a tomato as you eat the seeds within.



331/366 Cat and Mouse…

…you see what I did there ;-)…

Cat and mouse

He’s an old fella and I think his mousing days are long gone!


330/366 Life Rushes By

I revisited the site of some summer fun to use my 10 stop neutral density filter by Hi-Tech. As I have discovered before this comes with a very strong blue colour cast. Knowing this now I was able to take the appropriate white balance to correct this…and then re-added it in post because I liked the effect it gave ;-)…albeit, this has a substantially reduced blue cast than the original.

Life Rushes By


329/366 Sunset in a Flower

The flowers I bought last week from Tesco’s are still going strong so I did some macro work on them. It was only after I had loaded these into the computer when I noticed the way the water droplet on this flower reflected the overhead light giving a sun like sparkle to the centre of the flower.

Sunset in a flower


328/366 A tasty bit of cheese

I like a nice bit of cheese. I’ve currently got some Castello Blue cheese…a sort of Blue Brie if you will. Now I know a lot of you will be furiously tutting that it’s not a nice piece of Wensleydale, or proper Blue Stilton…but for an everyday cheese it does a job, a good job to be fair. Now, with all that said, it’s quite an eye opener when you have a look at a fresh piece of (any) blue cheese close up and find that it’s a bit furry 😉

Castello Blue Cheese


327/366 Pouring the perfect pint

It’s been one of those evenings where I had noting to photograph, so I sat at my desk and started photographing anything that caught my eye. The cats fluffy ear got a close inspection, I looked at the coloured glitter I bought in January for the 200th time, I photographed my empty glass with the dregs of the beer clinging to the sides…I wondered if I could photograph pouring beer into the glass

Holding the camera in one hand and pouring beer into a glass with the other (whilst shooting) is pretty tricky but I liked the look of the photos. Out came the tripod, so now I only had to worry about pouring the beer…took 10 shots and hated everyone of them – too clinical. So, today’s shot is one of those taken handheld…I missed the focus slightly, but I don’t mind that, it tells the story of me pouring beer.

Oh, for those of you who are interested, this is Spitfire Kentish Ale from the Shepherd Neame Brewery…very moorish 😉

Pouring the perfect pint


326/366 Crayola Crayons

Had them as a kid (not this pack, obviously) and found these in my draw – another item saved for when subject matter was hard to find…

Crayola Crayons