325/366 Sparkly Mohair

This is one of my wife’s latest creations, a mohair wrap with tiny sequins throughout.

Sparkly Mohair


324/366 More Kiwi Fruit

Followers of this project will remember last week’s kiwi fruit photograph. Well, I did buy a few of them so here’s another shot. I must say I did eat last weeks fruit (obviously), but it was pretty hard and very tart…I put this down to them maybe not being ripe. So, I ate the below this evening…and it was hard and very tart…so I’m guessing that’s what they are like when they are ripe as well 😉

More Kiwi Fruit


323/366 The Mad Caddies

I took a few shots yesterday with my super swanky Nikon D800 and super expensive lens before I went out in the evening…and what do you get, a shot taken by a cheap and cheerful point and shoot that fits in my jeans pockets. Yes, this picture won’t win any photography prizes, but, it is a reminder of a great night and the fact that the subject is the important part of the picture, not what it was shot with.

The Mad Caddies


322/366 Still Life – Red Flower in Vase

I popped into Tesco’s this evening. I had a choice, some unusual fruit or flowers. I’d been instructed flowers by the wife so I brought back a bunch of flowers. I found a white vase that would work well for just 1 flower and proceeded to photograph the life out of it.

My one problem is, I really haven’t figured out how best to shoot items that are as strongly red as this without burning out the colour. In the end I had to fiddle around in Lightroom adjusting the reds to get a reasonable picture.

Still Life - Red Flower in vase


321/366 Steel Bokeh aka Balls of Steel

I found these steel balls with holes drilled through the middle and was trying to make a bit of an abstract image, but I actually preferred this image because of the bokeh surrounding the steel balls.

Steel Bokeh aka Balls of Steel


320/366 Polling Day

We had elections for the new police and crime commissioners today and on my way to voting I took this shot. I was particularly taken with the fact that this shot could have easily been taken anytime in the last 40 years and so thought it was a good candidate for a black and white conversion.

Polling Day


319/366 Red Onion

So the food series continues…it wasn’t supposed to ;-). I took all the 500+ shots for a time lapse of the sunset tonight…2 problems;

  1. It was a rubbish sunset
  2. Having carefully set the camera up in manual to the required settings I just did a quick check of some different f-stops using aperture priority mode and forgot to switch it back…meaning I got a 490 shots that were pretty much the same lighting and then 10 shots showing a very rapid plunge into dusk

We had red onion in our salad tonight, OK…along with burger and chips ;-), and this was the left over end bit of the onion.

Red Onion


318/366 Kiwi Fruit

My go at the archetypal kiwi fruit shot. It should be done on a light table…I don’t have one, so just held it up in front of a bulb. Seems to have worked OK…

Kiwi Fruit


317/366 You’re not as green as you’re cabbage looking…

Long day today – my company moved offices over the weekend from Harlow to Hatfied which adds an extra 30 mins to the journey. Coupled with having to get to my photography class in Chelmsford for 7 I had completed a lot more miles than I would normally drive in a day.

So, not long to get my shot done, but found the perfect (?) subject – a cabbage heart…and yes, I did have cabbage with my late dinner.

You're not as green as you're cabbage looking


316/366 Autumn Fall

We took a walk around the countryside immediately around Stansted Mountfitchet this afternoon. For those of you who don’t know, this is the town that gives Stansted Airport (London’s 3rd airport) its name. Strangely, we didn’t notice hearing any planes at all during our 2 hour walk, but we could always here the hum of the M11.

Autumn Fall