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I was considering holding onto these as “emergency” subjects for my forthcoming second 365 project. If I’m honest I knew pretty early on this year that I had made a mistake stopping my daily photography once I had completed my 366 project at the end of last year. To be fair, there have not been that many days when I haven’t used my camera this year, but I have totally got out of the habit of updating my blogs every day (or week as it became this year).

So, these pheasant feathers and shot gun cartridges were going to be used next year, but I really fancied doing a little bit of light painting so, out they came and this is what I got.


Continuing the black and white theme, but due to equipment issues, not the long exposure work…which was irritating! This is a photograph of a new office building called the Leadenhall Building being built next to St Helen’s…somewhere I used to work in a past life!

I’m really enjoying black and white and long exposure photography at the moment. This shot combines the two and is of one of the old lighthouses at Dovercourt on the Essex coast.

A visit to Rowney Woods for a quick march round between heavy rain showers delivered the following shot. Ordinarily you look to have pretty much everything in focus in a landscape shot, but today I wanted all the attention to be on the gate and all the brambles surrounding it so deliberately dropped everything behind it out of focus.

Normans Mill is the oldest operational wind powered waterpump in the UK and is loacated on Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire, about an hours drive from where we live in Essex. It’s a National Trust property and it always rather takes my breath away how expensive it is to visit these places!

This Saturday I spent taking a lot of portraits of families with friends from the Bishops Stortford Camera Club. On arrival at the studio in Sawbridgeworth we were running the event from I noticed the River Stort running past, and these two canoeists heading my way. I grabbed my camera and got this HDR shot of them happily paddling away.

I don’t do much compositing – taking more than 1 picture and merging them together to create a new shot – but this is one that came out really well. This was an original shot of Badger, one of our cats taken a couple of years ago merged with a new background and a new “title” added in photoshop. The background is a slightly amended version of this Buy Valium Diazepam Uk.

Back to Rowney Woods where we were greeted with warning signs that a shoot was taking place. We saw nor heard anything until we were heading back to the car when we were surrounded by beaters flushing out the pheasants.

As we walked down the ride we were surrounded by shotguns being shot left right and centre…fortunately up in the air and well away from us. As we rounded a corner we came across a four wheel drive with 7 brace of pheasants waiting to be taken home to the dinner table

We caught a really nice day to go to the Suffolk coast this autumn – we were planning on visiting just Framlingham Castle and Aldburgh, but managed to squeeze in Southwold (the best pier I’ve ever visited) and a place we had never heard of until we had been to Framlingham – Orford Castle.

We got there late afternoon and were lucky enough to be the last people allowed into the castle and we basically had the place to ourselves.

Fabulous views from the top – some of which can be seen in my Buy Valium India.