A visit the Imperial War Museum at Duxford periodically. It helps that a friend is a Friend of Duxford and gets me in when there is something interesting going on. On Saturday he felt there was a fair chance of Spitfires flying as there was an expedition taking place on the Sunday. We were lucky and 2 Spitfires came out to play – giving us an all too short 2 minute flying exhibition, including a loop the loop.

The Bishops Stortford Camera Club visited the American Cemetery just outside Cambridge as part of their photowalk around Cambridge (more of that to follow over at Flitch Photography).

This was quite a place to visit – very moving – and a real reminder that wars kill people.

Fight war, not wars!

Oops. somewhere along the line I missed posting week 28’s photo…not sure how that happened!

So, the Bishops Stortford Camera Club had an opportunity to get to the top of the spire of St Michael’s Church in Bishops Stortford. Getting up there meant a long spiral stone staircasr to the bell ringing area followed by two sets of ordinary ladders which got you up to the bells themselves…I looked at the next, very long, open ladder that led to a narrow beam that had to be crossed to get out of the spire…and came down…there was no way my vertigo was allowing me up any further.

I retraced my steps, shaking, just in time to see the cupboard containing the churches clock workings being opened up and caught this shot – its a miracle it’s sharp I was shaking so much!

So the Photographers Day at Linton Zoo arrived and what a scorcher it was. Now, you may think that a lovely hot sunny day is ideal for getting amongst the animals and getting some lovely pictures…well, it is better than if it was tipping it down with rain! However, all that sunshine casts some really tricky shadows which can really spoil a good picture.

Nevertheless, I went bonkers with the camera and came home with over 2,000 shots…the poor old camera will be warn out if I keep that rate of shooting up!

So here’s one shot that I was looking forward to taking – the Bearded Dragon. If you want to see more of the Linton Zoo shots you can visit my Flickr page.

I took a walk around Great Dunmow today and found this road I had not been down before. It lead to a rather impressive Georgian Manor house that I didn’t know existed on the way was this scene.

Walking around the countryside you do see quite a few of these gates that don’t lead anywhere and have a whopping great hole next to them making the gate completely redundant…weird!

Sometimes I write completely new pieces for the blog, sometimes I use the same write up as my Flickr account – which you can visit by clicking here or on the Flickr icon at the top right of the page…anyhow, this is what I said on the Flickr version:

Driving home from work yesterday I did not hold out much hope for the “Summer Skies” photowalk around Hatfield Forest with the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club. It was absoultely, unremittingly grey…and look what happened…

I love this picture, OK?

Mooching around Rowney Woods the wife and I came across this band of hoodlums waiting to set upon any unwary walkers, they certainly spotted us. I particularly like the male in the middle – he has such a great expression on his face…wonder if I can find this bunch in October when he has his antlers on?

Do you ever watch Monkey World? I must admit, I do enjoy the antics of all the chimps there, but I do have a soft spot for the Cotton Top Tamarin’s, so I was delighted to find some at Linton Zoo in Cambridgeshire.

Linton Zoo takes in rare and abandoned animals and gives them a new life, they also have a very successful rare animal breeding program here so it’s well worth a visit to help them support these rare animals.

I’ll be back in a month as I’m taking part in their photographers day where we can get behind the scenes and get closer access to the animals…I wonder if they’ll let me snuggle a lion?

A female mallard takes off from the Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow and heads off into the wide blue yonder…

I probably spend more time hanging around Doctors Pond than is healthy!

Taken in the back garden, this Starling fledgling was not impressed to see mother leaving!

I’ve been getting a lot of shots of the garden birds recenty having invested in a tele-converter…which basically means I can get twice as close to the birds with my camera even though I’m stiil stood in the kitchen! More shots will be available on the Flitch Photography site shortly.