We live not to far away from the Imperial War Museum Duxford and I was lucky enough to be there when they were practising for a display the next day so there were a number of World War 2 planes being put through their paces.

This plane probably didn’t fly combatitively in the war. but it is a Spitfire, albeit, a two seater training version and it was great seeing and heraing it buzzing around the airfield.

Another visit to Audley End House for their Victorian Day. They had a lady showing her birds of prey and this was one of them – a lovely Kestral.

The sun was just breaking through as we approached Rowney Woods giving us those great sun beams…big sky as well!

We were talked into joing English Heritage when we were last in Nothumberland, and I have to say, we worried whether we would get our monies worth. Well, I’ve been to Audley End about 4 times this year so far and I always find something new to look at. It is a lovely building and I was really pleased with how this panorama shot came out.

Finally, wild spring flowers have started appearing all over the place. These are Anemone nemorosa, or, if you prefer, wood anemone in West Wood, just outside Thaxted in Essex.

Spring finally arrived yesterday and we took a walk around Rowney Woods. Amazingly we saw 3 different types of butterfly – they will have been struggling to find any flowers, with the exception of a few straggly primroses there really wasn’t much for them to go at.

I forced myself to only use my 14-24mm lens and I knew that the clouds would look great…and indeed they did!

This was my first go at a “Little Planet”. Just to complicate matters I did an HDR version of it, so 55 shots were taken to make this image…probably a little excessive!

It was good fun to make and I do like the effect…and, of course, it’s Doctors Pond, at sunset 😉

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here – https://shop.markseton.co.uk/Great-Dunmow/i-hbQ3jsS/A

I’ve been keen to shoot the stars and I had some limited success with this but the moon coming up over the lake at Hatfield Forest was quite beautiful.

It’s amazingly quiet in the forest at this time of night…except for the roar of the jet engines and smell of aviation fuel that drifts across to you from a mile or so away – it was a surprisingly strong smell. It’s a smell I love though as it reminds me of holidays taken ion the Isle of Tresco when I was a young boy – we used to take the helicopter over from Penzance to St Mary’s and that smell of aviation fuel always meant that we were nearly there.

I was down in London last night to see Stiff Little Fingers at The Forum so I only had my teeny tiny Canon Power Shot which is pretty much the same size as a credit card, just a little thicker.

I grabbed this shot on my way home and was quite pleased with it. It’s amazing how much interest a person and their tiny camera can create – trying to take a shot of an escalator created great interest with a chap coming and joining me to take their own version on their mobile phone.

…the takeover!

We had to do a “repetition” shot for our one shot challenge on the City and Guilds course I’m doing at the moment. This wasn’t the sort of repetition the course leader had in mind, but I’d had this shot in my mind for a while and I really enjoyed shooting it.

I only have 1 rubber duck (kindly donated one Christmas by my brother), so I took about 70 shots of the duck in different positions and then merged all those shots in photoshop.