We had an early finish at camera club tonight so I stopped off at Hatfield Forest to photograph the stars…but the cloud was racing in so I was glad I had my torch in the car and set about doing some light painting.

When you see the experts doing this they always have their laptop tethered to the camera and can really see what they are doing…this is an advantage 😉

Apparently, this is a site for all sorts of nefarious carrying ons at night, it was way too cold for that sort of thing tonight!

Had some fun at the weekend making some pictures of these peppers being dropped in water.

I’ve just got myself a 2x tele-converter and this was one of the first shots I took with it through a very dirty kitchen window and hand held. Very pleased with the tele-converter – much better than spending hundreds on a new lens 😉

At Bishops Stortford Camera Club tonight we had a photo challenge and we had 30 minutes to take some pictures, process as best we could and then show one of them.

This was my shot, which I originally converted to Black and White in camera. This is re-cropped and converted via Nik’s Silver Efex.

You’ll gather it was chucking it down and blowing a gale, hence the water splash on the image.

Doctors Pond was the venue for the local kids (and parents) to gather for some sledging. It was a real pleasure going through the pictures when I got back seeing the intense pleasure all the kids were getting from zooming down the hill.

As you will gather from this shot – it was snowing hard all afternoon – ideal for catching snow whilst sliding down a hill!

I deliberately shot with a slow shutter speed so didn’t get as many super sharp shots as I’d have liked – but those I got I’m well pleased with.

These planes really do come low over the A120 at Stansted. It’s best not to think about what might happen whilst you stand here taking photographs 😉

This shot is actually made up of 2 photographs. One of the A120 and landing lights and a second of the plane merged together in Photoshop.

The first non 365 project post!

The morning after the night before…celebrating New Year 😉