We took part in the London Photo Walk yesterday -we had a good look around Regents Park and Little Venice. So, we’ll start at the start – here’s a black and white image of one of many fountains in the park.

A second black & white photograph for you today, taken a couple of days ago in Fyfield. This seagull decided it was time to fly home, even if that meant heading straight into a storm.

We drove out to Radwinter End yesterday to have a look around Bendysh Woods. On the way we drove through some heavy rain but were heartened to see we were heading into better weather. On arrival the sun was bursting through and we walked into Bendysh Woods. These are clearly not visited by many people and the main tracks were quite overgrown and we were soon dripping wet below the knee. So, we decided to walk around the outside of the woods and almost immediately disturbed a group of 4 deer grazing on the sugar beet growing next to the woods. We walked a large circuit around Radwinter, ever concious of the large, very dark storm clouds heading our way.

Just before we made it back to the car this was the view

Ordinarily I’d start a series of photographs of a church with a picture from the outside, but I couldn’t get the images I had to look as I wanted to yesterday. The main problem was the dreary sky – it was very grey! After some work today I think this is as good as I’ll get.

I don’t do many black and white conversions of my pictures but I am quite pleased with how this came out.