Playing with my instant bokeh generator (silver foil and torch – see 141/365v3 for more) I found a champagne cork from New Year’s eve and this turned into a mission to make an image out of a cork and some black velvet I have. One cork became two in photoshop and this image was born…might make quite a nice Christmas/Celebration card…

He’s a very willing model when a fee of 4 x Dreamies are offered for fulfilling modelling duties 😉

Happy New Year to you all!

Just back from a weekend away so just had to be a quick shot of the Christmas Tree…I may have overdone the sparkle…but it’s Christmas so excess is good, no?

It can’t be far away…we’ve got our Christmas decorations up! This is the earliest we’ve had them up in years…we (when I say we, I do, of course, mean Debbie) normally get them put up about 2 days before…

My wife put the Christmas decorations up earlier this week, including this Tomte that she made.

Nearly forgot to publish the last in the 52 week series?

It’s been an odd week photographically as I really haven’t wanted to photograph anything in case it removes subjects from the forthcoming 365 project I’m starting on New Years Day so I haven’t taken the volume of photographs I would normally take over Christmas.

This shot of one of our cats, Badger, came out quite nicely and will probably make an appearance on the Christmas Cards next year!

I never thought I was the type of person who could commit to something long term, however, having caught the photography bug 2¾ years ago I thought doing a 365 (well, 366 as it was a leap year) project was within my capabilities and could only improve my photography…I was right, it has improved my photography 10 fold and I am so proud of myself for having completed it today.

Within my 366 project I have many photographs that I am really proud of but It’s certainly not always been plain sailing and I have had an infuriating knack of leaving it right up until the last minute to get the shot…but I have always got a shot (though not necessarily the shot!)

So, why am I not going to do another 365 project in 2013?

When you listen to professional photographers they will always tell you, 2don’t publish pictures that you are not completely happy with”. Whilst I have a lot to be proud of in my project there are a few photographs I’m not so happy with, so, in 2013 I’m going to reduce my commitment and complete a 52 week project – 1 image per week throughout the year. I may well post a new image most days, but I will not be committing to taking a new image every day.

My aim, slow down, think about the picture I want to make, get it right in camera, spend more time in post-production and improve my overall quality.

Thanks to those of you who have followed me & encouraged me over the year, I hope you will keep following me over the next year and thanks to those who I have followed over the year – you have been an inspiration on Flickr, Google+ and Facebook. And also thanks to Photojojo who have featured my 366 project on their web site today –

Finally thanks to my ever patient wife, Debbie, who has had to put up with the regular question “What am I going to photograph today?” again and again throughout the year 😉


364/366 The Exploding Christmas Tree

One for next years Christmas cards (although it does remind me rather of a Dalek!)…

The Exploding Christmas Tree


360/366 Mmmmmm…Turkey

Christmas Day and the wife prepared her excellent Christmas Dinner for us as usual. JJ the cat has always had a penchant for Turkey (and chicken). I can honestly say I have never seen a cat eat so much Turkey in a day…as you can see from the following photograph, he was intent on getting his fill.



359/366 The Snow Globe

This made its debut this time last year as a macro picture, today I have taken a slightly different picture with a lot more of the Christmas tree (and therefore its bokeh) on show…what I did forget was to shake it…so today there is no falling snow in the snow globe.

The Snow Globe