356/366 The Christmas Tree

We’re nearly there and, unusually, our Christmas Tree has already been up for nearly a week. We’re normally a lot later putting it up what with one thing and another. Presents have started to appear under the tree…I still haven’t wrapped any of mine, but I have at least got them all 😉

The Christmas Tree


351/366 Peeping Through The Tinsel

This is the lesser spotted Badger. I am rarely allowed to approach him, let alone photograph him. He is definitely my wife’s cat and has as little to do with me as he can. Here he is waiting for his mother to come upstairs to bed, peeping through the banisters and tinsel.

Peeping Through The Tinsel


349/366 Rushing into Christmas

I can’t believe we only have a little over a week before Christmas…I have just about completed my Christmas shopping though!

Debbie put the Christmas tree and decorations up this evening, so we are looking nice and festive. To celebrate I dug out the lensbaby…I’ve used this a couple of times before…but I only found the aperture disks tonight…it took another half an hour to work out how to take out the aperture disks!

Anyhow, here you go, Rushing into Christmas

Rushing into Christmas

The Dunmow lights are a little disappointing, but The Starr, as always, put on a very Christmasy front!

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here – https://shop.markseton.co.uk/Great-Dunmow/i-RjRjVLX/A

We (well…Debbie) put up the Christmas decorations and tree up today so the house feels nice and festive now. To celebrate I tried my hand at deliberately taking a totally unfocused shot of the tree with the lights on to create this effect. The Christmas lights appear as those disks of light and are called bokeh in photography circles.