Continuing the short series of Chelmsford Cathedral shots here’s a picture of the Altar and main stained glass window.

I was working in Chelmsford the other week and took the opportunity to pop across to the Cathedral to create some HDR pictures of it.

This was originally a church built arond 800 years ago. It became a Cathdral in 1914 and, as with many Essex churches, has a section dedicated to the USAF forces that were based in Britain during the 2nd World War.


Broxted Church was the local church of journalist John McCarthy. He, along with Terry Waite and Brian Keenan, was taken hostage in Beirut on 17th April 1986 and held for more than 5 years, being released on 8th August 1991. The Church has two specially commissioned stained glass windows – The Captivity and Freedom Windows designed by John Clark commemorating this.

The oldest part of the Church (the Chancel) can be dated back to 1220, although there was probably a Saxon Church on this site prior to this. The Church was heavily restored in 1876.

Tilty Church was originally a chapel to the Cistercian Abbey of Tilty, ruins of which can still be seen a short way from the Church. The Chapel was outside the Abbey which meant it could be used by local people, including women who were not allowed within the precincts of a Cistercian Abbey. The oldest part of the Church (the nave) dates from around 1220 with the Porch and bell turret being erected in the 18th Century to complete the Church as it stands today.

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