Since I finished my 365 project (a new photograph made every day) I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking – I think of something to photograph and then carry on sitting watching the telly or come up with some other excuse why I shouldn’t go and make that new picture. So I’m considering starting another 365 project…

This shot was for our City and Guilds One shot challenge which was, as the title suggestedΒ  “Pointy or Curved”. I couldn’t figure out what to take and got the idea for this shot from a shot in my last 365 project.

You can buy a print of this egg and fork image by clicking here.

My first attempt at light painting on a larger scale. This is the Shell House in Hatfield Forest.

The first non 365 project post!

The morning after the night before…celebrating New Year πŸ˜‰


357/366 Waiting for the Hammer to Fall

I thought a nice, cheerful festive picture for today…but then again πŸ˜‰

The strains of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody floated through from the living room as my wife watched the final of Strictly Come Dancing, I was wondering what to photograph and the old Queen song “Hammer to Fall” came into my head. I rummaged around in the fridge to find we only had 1 egg left, so had to root around the bin for a couple of broken shells…and here you have it!

Waiting for the hammer to fall


354/366 The Ghost

I’ve been playing with fire today…well, smoke. As usual this wasn’t what I was going for but enjoyed making it nonetheless. He’s a little pot bellied fella with a gaping mouth!

The Ghost


344/365 Fruit Salad and Cream

I wasn’t going to publish this as my one a day picture…I had a nice Christmas Tree shot for you, or so I thought. Sadly I had neglected to focus the camera when taking the picture…and got a whole bunch of out of focus (and not in a good way) shots of the tree, so that will have to follow.

I wanted to take this shot, which I have seen done before elsewhere (without the cream) and thought it looked reasonably straight forward…I hadn’t figured on how tricky it was going to be getting a proper shape going…so I didn’t! Anyway, you have (from the bottom) a lime, lemon, orange, apple, lemon & apple layer with a liberal dousing of “cream” (it’s that Elmlea stuff)

Still, I quite like the final picture.

Fruit Salad and Cream


342/366 Sliced Fruit

Now I have finished my exams I should have more free time to concentrate on my photography…of course, I haven’t. So, as usual I’m taking my shot around 11.00pm and, because I really do have to learn how to use photoshop at some point…I’m getting round to publishing the shot at half past midnight!

This was fun, not an original idea, but I’m pleased with the outcome.

Magic Slices


339/366 Limes

This looked so much better on the back of the camera…

I broke the flash out to do this and bounced it off the ceiling and down onto the subject and I had a lamp to the left filling in some light on that side.



323/366 The Mad Caddies

I took a few shots yesterday with my super swanky Nikon D800 and super expensive lens before I went out in the evening…and what do you get, a shot taken by a cheap and cheerful point and shoot that fits in my jeans pockets. Yes, this picture won’t win any photography prizes, but, it is a reminder of a great night and the fact that the subject is the important part of the picture, not what it was shot with.

The Mad Caddies


322/366 Still Life – Red Flower in Vase

I popped into Tesco’s this evening. I had a choice, some unusual fruit or flowers. I’d been instructed flowers by the wife so I brought back a bunch of flowers. I found a white vase that would work well for just 1 flower and proceeded to photograph the life out of it.

My one problem is, I really haven’t figured out how best to shoot items that are as strongly red as this without burning out the colour. In the end I had to fiddle around in Lightroom adjusting the reds to get a reasonable picture.

Still Life - Red Flower in vase