Sunset over Doctors Pond

From my 366 shots for today comes this shot of Doctors Pond.

Sunset over Doctors Pond, Dunmow


Reflections of Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow

I was up early on Sunday, but missed the sun rise…so not that early. Still, Dunmow was quiet and Doctors Pond was very still giving some great reflections.

Reflections of Doctors Pond, Great Dunmow


Snow, Snow, Snow…

So it snowed all night in Dunmow and we all woke up to the first snow of the winter.

Here’s how Doctors Pond looked like this morning:

Snow at Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow


Great Dunmow Sunrise from Doctors Pond

Taken a couple of weeks ago at the same time as this Dunmow sunrise shot this one shows Dunmow as it would probably appear on fire!

Great Dunmow at Sunrise

Wow – what a day – very nearly missed posting today, what with getting home from work to find one of our cats was very poorly and having to take him first to our local vets in Dunmow and then to the emergency vet in Saffron Walden…then rushing back to Bishop’s Stortford to camera club where my dĂ©but entries performed quite well…back home for 10.45, dinner and finally sit down to add this.

So, here’s one from Sunday morning of the sunrise over Great Dunmow.

Caught just before sunrise this was the moon on Saturday 15th January 2012 at 07.24am taken from Great Dunmow’s Doctors Pond.

A family of swans is in residence on Doctors Pond in Dunmow at the moment. The adult and five signets are very tame and, as soon as they saw me, approached me to be fed…sadly for them I had nothing for them, it is clear though that they are being well looked after by the visitors to Doctors Pond. The ducks completely ignore them đŸ˜‰

Along with the Geese at Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow, you also have the ducks…introducing Mr Mallard and Mrs Mallard…

Female Mallard Duck

You may recall our last post about the Canada Geese that frequent the Doctors Pond here in Dunmow, and I mentioned they liked to have a good go at each other. Well, here’s a good example taken earlier this year.

I think the title says it all! This female blackbird was photographed next to Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow earlier this year.