It was a proper Halloween morning, thick with fog today so I trotted down to the Churchyard to get some hackneyed shots of graves and memorials in the fog.

I’ve always enjoyed this particular memorial, I think it’s the only one of its sort in the Great Dunmow graveyard (although I haven’t examined the graveyard in any great detail). I’m not sure I have particularly caught the foggy atmosphere as well as I had hoped…but there you go.

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A little bit of deliberate camera motion (dcm) today outside the Post Office. Rumour has it that the Dunmow Post Office may be closed down in cost cutting measures if one of the local shops can be persuaded to take on its counter. This is not a quiet Post Office (at least not when I go in) so I dread to think what will happen if this comes to pass.

Walking around Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow I noticed some pretty flowers in bloom in some of the gardens that adjoin the pond. This is a black and white version of the shot – if you are interested I have included the original colour version of the photograph…which I liked, but fancied playing around in Photoshop with it and came up with the main image.

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I have photographed our local pond – Doctors Pond – many times, but this is the first time I have photographed it in many months…I have no doubt you will see this sight again a few times over the coming months!

The local Roman Catholic Church caught my eye in my search for lines and curves in Dunmow today.

Something a bit different… I have been enjoying a style of photography called Topographic Photography and particularly how human activity affects the natural landscape – this style began back in the 70’s with photographers like Robert Adams and was continued during the 90’s by the likes of Andreas Gursky – he of the most expensive photograph bought in an auction fame. 

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This was yesterday’s sunrise…completely different to Monday’s…and a lot warmer!

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here –

So, it’s a bit foggy, it’ll be fine, you don’t need to see that well!

Could, of course, be a Close Encounter…

It was Dunmow Carnival today, usually they have great weather for this, but not this year…at least it was only drizzle…mostly. I eventually had 30 minutes to pop out after my dinner and caught the second half of One Step Behind – Masters of Madness, the Madness tribute act. They were excellent and had a good crowd watching, dancing and generally having a good time.

You’ll gather the sax player, Mike Brown, spotted me ;-). More shots of the band after the break.

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I had a walk around Doctors Pond in the evening, it was surprisingly cool. The sunset wasn’t up to much, but turning around the clouds were picking up some nice colours.