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The sunset was quite dull today so instead of shooting that I turned around and caught this shot of Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow.

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I was out shooting the sunset over Thaxted last week and the aircraft trails, along with the wispy clouds caught my eye.

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You do find nature reserves squeezed into some interesting spots. Rye Meads Nature Reserve is near Hoddesdon on the Essex/Hertfordshire border squeezed between two large towns – Hoddesdon and Harlow. Power lines march relentlessly across the vista across to the large chimneys in the distance.

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Well, OK, it’s not actually called Sunbeam Lane ;-). This is Cooks Lane in Little Bardfield from yesterday. A very pleasant area to walk around, especially if you like bugs and birds. We saw butterflys, damselflys, mayflys, herons, lots of finches and plenty of swallows.

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After a large downpour this evening we were treated to a very pleasant sunset including great dollops of mist rolling down the surrounding hills.

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Continuing our look at the Buy Indian Valium this was my favourite of all the planes to photograph externally despite being a lot smaller than the Shackletons. It had the added benefit(?) of being home to a crows nest full of chicks (not the only plane being used in such a manner)!

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Buy Valium From India

Went to the Buy Indian Valium today – what a fantastic place. The visit was organised by Tip Squirell and a group of 10 or so photographers arrived at 11.00 to take over this great outdoor museum. Over the next few days we’ll feature a number of the exhibits. Today, we’ll start with the Shackleton bomber:

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Wow, it’s been almost a week since I last posted, sorry about that – don’t forget – I post every day on my Buy Diazepam Uk 10Mg.

Today’s picture is of the entrance to the Norman Church at Elsenham – St Mary’s.

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This is right at the entrance to Rowney Woods proper before you come to the first Y junction when you have to make a decision.

After a few visits where we haven’t seen any (mammal) wildlife in the woods we saw a large hare and a muntjac deer this week.

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