I took another visit down to Flatford…it was wet, very, very wet. There weren’t many walking the vale which was quite pleasant. I took this shot deliberately with a very wide aperture, meaning you get a very narrow depth of field (or area of focus) giving the image a somewhat dreamy feel which I quite like.

The other side of Constable Country.

Poor weather is a pain, but with it you will usually get some striking sunsets – this evening was no exception.

There has been a unifying theme to many of the images I have taken this week – lines – as part of a course I’m doing – this represents curved lines – I’d actually spotted this shot a few days ago but couldn’t take it because of the poor weather – today – with plenty of sunshine I captured the shot just as I wanted to. Pretty much everything is curved here – OK – the telegraph poles aren’t, the the lines between them are.

We’ve had a great Autumn, but the weather is definitely closing in now. Rain all day today, with just the briefest of pauses…and I was lucky enough to be out at Alton Water on Lemons Hill when that pause happened…but it really was not a pleasant day to be stood on an exposed bridge…even all the birds had hidden themselves away.

Tuesday found me mooching around Woolverstone Marina…there’s some money here, let me tell you! A wide range of boats from modest yachts all the way up to very impressive cruisers that must have cost a fair penny. I was kind of surprised (but grateful) that I could just wander down onto the Marina and photograph as I pleased.

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A few months ago I took a shot from the works car park – here’s another shot from a slightly different angle to catch the rather nice sunset we had after a day that had been quite dismal.

We visited the National Trust’s Wicken Fen this afternoon for a pleasant walk. It was very busy as the weather was quite lovely. Whilst I’ve taken this photograph before, it really is the number one subject at Wicken Fen…the highland cattle were hiding in the long grass and the ponies were miles away…we could just see them in the distance…but the weather was almost perfect, so that was all OK.

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I took a drive across to Walton on the Naze today. When I arrived it was completely overcast and starting to rain.

After a rather depressing walk along the pier…to find the end of the pier was closed I returned to the car to ponder my next move. Rather than go home I decided to take a chance and drive up to the Naze Tower, I figured I could always just sit in the car and watch the sea. I arrived to find the sun breaking through the clouds and a small rainbow making an appearance…the weather then just got better and better, clear blue skies and very mild.

If you are wondering – the title refers to the ship that the rainbow is over – from the Maersk line.

Just goes to show, never give in to the British weather!

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We visited Ickworth in Suffolk today. Before visiting the Rotunda we took a stroll around the countryside surrounding the house. Typical rolling hills with some really nice large ponds / small lakes dotted around. The National Trust certainly have their marketing well set up as it was quite busy even on a Thursday in autumn.