I’m having to play a bit of catch up now as the back end of the web site failed whilst I was away in America so I have a few images to publish to catch up…here’s the first one…taken on the beach at the Bacara resort Golita, Santa Barbara

We took a walk around Walton on the Naze this afternoon on the Essex coast, We had some very pleasant October weather, and it only poured down on us once ;-).

And yes, I know the horizon is smack bang in the middle, thank you for noticing šŸ˜‰

This week’s jaunt was a quick drive down to Canvey Island, just down the coast from Southend, home of Calor Gas and Dr Feelgood…it’s a pretty industrialĀ place…but quite fascinating.

Infamous for a massive flood on the 31st January 1953 that cost the lives of 58 people (including 3 in the Netherlands) and saw the island evacuated when the old sea wall was washed away following a tidal surge.

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Something a bit different… I have been enjoying a style of photography called Topographic Photography and particularly how human activity affects the natural landscape – this style began back in the 70’s with photographers likeĀ Robert Adams and was continued during the 90’s by the likes ofĀ Andreas Gursky – he of the most expensive photograph bought in an auction fame.Ā 

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It was my birthday yesterday so Debbie and I travelled out to the North Norfolk coast to have a look around.

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All things Orwell…the bad weather certainly didn’t reach Suffolk today!

Popped out for a quick march around part of Alton Water this lunchtime and came across this fallen tree on the edge of the reservoir.

I drove out to the outskirts of Cambridge this afternoon to have a look at the imposing wind farm at Wadlow Farm. It’s impressive as you drive past it on the A11…but it takes some getting to as I found out – more shots to follow but this shot at sunset (well, more blue hour really) as I walked back to the car really caught my eye.

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I’ve gone selfy mad – this is the second one in two weeks after having a maximum one per year policy…and often delivering less than that.

Sat on the beach at Lower Holbrook in Suffolk…there was a lot of bird activity and it was just a lucky coincidence that the 5 bird fly past occurred just at the right moment.

Down on the Lower Holbrook coast again in Suffolk, this time at high tide – this little spit comes out and has this great tree at the end of it. The Sandpiper happily sat on the other side of this tree was not happy to see me and left in a flurry of wings and chattering…I did feel rather bad for disturbing him.

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