Visited another section of Alton Water today and had a pleasant walk around one of the fishing areas which is great because you can get right down to the water’s edge without having to thrash your way through mountains of plant life 😉

Was up early this morning so left early hoping the fog would still be around when I got into Suffolk…it was, but not much, so I gave up on that idea and popped down to Flatford and Dedham Vale to take this very Constable like photograph that I then pushed through the new Topaz Impressions to make it even more Constabley 😉

This is Alton Water at Lemons Hill. I really had a hard time choosing between this and the colour version for today’s photo…but I’m a sucker for black and white! You can see the colour version after the break..

I rather kicked myself as I’d left my phone in the car and didn’t have a watch with me…so counted…I was aiming for 120 seconds – it was actually 141 seconds…

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This lunchtime…I had a lunch hour…first time in over a week! So I drove down to Lower Holbrook and took a stroll down the coast. I found a small beach and then further along a whole load of trees that were being slowly pulled back into the sea/river – this is the tidal part of the River Stour.

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This was always going to be my photo of the day…and then I got an email from Topaz announcing their new Impressions plug in…as it had a 30 day free trial, and I do quite enjoy trying to give my photographs a more painterly feel I gave it a go…and quite enjoyed the outcome.

The opposite side of the mill to that normally seen – the Hay Wain was painted on the other side of that building. It was a lovely early evening to walk around – Kingfishers darting up and down the river…but when you looked across the landscape there was still the remains of the fog from this morning.

After a few days of flat grey skies we had a really nice day today and I visited Flatford…home of Constable’s Hay Wain. I set off towards Dedham down the River Stour, there were plenty of people rowing up and down, The young couple on the right had got themselves into a little trouble grounding themselves into the bank, it took them a good five minutes to dislodge themselves and get going again.

Popped out at lunchtime to Dedham, just inside Essex, but right on the Suffolk border. I made it as far as the first car park and saw just a tiny portion of the village. It looks a lovely place…even in the dreary misty grey light that we had all day today. Looking forward to seeing this place in more favourable light!

Back to the spot I was at last Friday, this time looking in the opposite direction at the bridge.

Another shot grabbed from a quick run out at lunchtime – I managed to dodge the showers…just about, to grab this view from the top of the hill at Flatford…I’m looking forward to seeing this again in better weather.