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Had a day in London with work and popped out at lunchtime to grab some shots…and got absolutely drenched as the heavens opened. Fortunately I had 10 minutes before my train left on my way home so I took a wander down to towards the end of the platforms where I took (half of) this shot. I then tweaked it somewhat in Photoshop and this is the result! I particularly like the flame rising out of the middle of the image.

More cake!

You know all those banana’s you’ve been seeing on my photostream these last few days…well some of them made it into the above cake that my wife made…we also have some rather nice Parkin on the go as well…I continue to expand 😉

The wind dropped and the sun made a rare appearance so we dashed out to take a walk around Rowney Woods this morning. When we arrived it was a completely featureless blue sky…nice after what we have had recently, but not great for interesting photographs. Fortunately some clouds had started to appear and the sun was casting a really nice light onto the Silver Birches in the woods. I knew, becasue the sky was such a rich blue I’d be able to get a really good black and white conversion and I was very pleased with the outcome.

Photographically it was not a good day yesterday, all the ideas I had of pictures just didn’t work out for one reason or another. Coupled with that, the almost complete collapse of our broadband, after BT came to fix it…meant getting this image live, let alone taken, was something of a challenge!.

Anyhow…this is a felt purse my wife has made for her Online Valium Canada…it’s not available for purchase yet, but will be soon!

This has nothing to do with me not even getting 1 Valentines today…sniff 😉

This actually wasn’t the original shot I was going to do…but the shapes just worked.

Buy Msj Diazepam Uk

Playing around with symmetrical images today sees a slightly different take on Doctors Pond. The image was taken and split down the middle(ish) and rejoined. Just to add a little tension to the image I removed some of the symmetry, particularly from the geese.

I did a triptych of a creme egg being consumed a couple of years ago but was never entirely happy with it. So, I had another go at it…but got a bit carried away…if a triptych is 3 images, what is the name of a shot that has 6 images?

Anyhow, just remember, a creme egg is not just for Easter…according to the supermarkets, any time from Boxing Day is just fine 😉

Stopped off at the supermarket on the way home and picked up some super hot chillies to go with the mild dull ones in the fridge…

Wandering around Dunmow on a cold evening looking for shots, I thought the various lights in town would make a slightly different shot of the High Street, turning them into out of focus bokeh.