It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of small torches and some silver foil.

For those of you who don’t know, bokeh is a Japanese word that describes the blobs of out of focus light in the background.

Today’s search area, the kitchen…victim, the pepper grinder

Another emergency “what’s on my desk” shot! This time a metal torch is given the macro treatment.

We had the coldest morning of winter so far today and a heavy frost. The budlea is definitely regretting sprouting leaves early this year…the clematis had not faired much better, but at least it was expecting this sort of weather.

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Today was very much a “What have I got on my desk that I can photograph” day. I’m slightly concerned that I found this to photograph as it means I have a cable somewhere missing its connector. It’s also interesting that the camera turned this item bronze, as it is very much silver in real life.

That was fabulous darling…do you mind if I smoke?

When in doubt as to what to do for the 365, rummage in the fridge!

5 tomatoes in the fridge, perfect evening photo op…especially as the condensation kicked in after a few minutes.

“Don’t Touch That Dial, Don’t Touch That Dial…” as Joe Strummer used to implore us at the end of the track Capitol Radio. These dials have been touched an awful lot over the last few years…but can you tell what they control?

Christmas is coming and last year I missed out on nuts…couldn’t believe our local Tesco’s sold out about two weeks before Christmas last year and never got anymore in…this year I bought early and I bought big! Here’s a tasty walnut that I enjoyed moments after this photograph was taken! There’ll probably be none left for Christmas!