According to wikipedia…so take this with a pinch of salt, the european garden spider will eat its web during the night, including all the bugs therein, and then re-spin its web in the morning. I know for a fact, that this web has been here for at least 3 days, so definitely doesn’t do this daily…

Whilst looking for a tape measure at work I found this interesting contraption in the workshop. It’s actually upside down in the picture and is used for extracting microchip boards out of boards…or something like that – I was told but wasn’t really paying attention 😉

We took a walk around Garnetts Wood in Barnston this morning. We’d been looking out for fungi but had seen very little until, near the end of the walk we came across this mushroom city…there were an awful lot of mushrooms growing from a recently fallen tree.

A fallen pine cone.

The first signs of autumn are beginning to come through. I’ve been noticing fungi appearing in a few places and the grassed area outside the office has suddenly sprouted a fair collection of mushrooms…

Mooching around the workshop at work this afternoon I came across this little tub of tiny screws.

No idea what sort of flower this is…I assume some sot of daisy…but who knows. Found in Rowney Woods this afternoon.

I’ve not seen many wasps at all this year – this is only the second one I have been conscious of seeing this year.

I have never seen so many dragonflies in Rowney Woods as I saw today…literally hundreds of hawkers flying around, particularly over the fields of barley near the entrance to the woods. The hawkers were far too busy to settle so I had to content myself with this female Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum) who stayed put long enough for me to photograph her.

As always – take my ID with a large pinch of salt…I’m regularly wrong – feel free to correct if you know 😉

Been stuck at home all day today for one reason and another so could only mooch about in the garden to find a shot – got plenty of bugs, but I’ve posted lots of those recently so thought I would post this simple black and white shot of thorns from a rose bush.