Stepping to the left hand side of these groynes (see earlier picture) you got quite a different photograph…mainly because you are shooting more into the sun.

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I was in Norfolk for a couple of days over the weekend for our works Christmas do and actually managed to get up for sunrise! It always helps that I don’t sleep well in a new bed.

Anyhow, I was in Gorleston-on-Sea and had taken the trouble to look at a Google map of the area and had convinced myself I was in Lowestoft so I could shoot the pier…I wasn’t and I couldn’t!

So these groynes were the next best thing!

If you would like a print of this picture you can buy one by clicking here

I visited Horsey Gap in Norfolk on Saturday where there are over 1400 grey seal pubs…and their parents, gathered along the shore. It’s quite a sight.

So here’s a super cute shot of just one of them who had clearly had a busy day.

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It’s Debbie’s birthday week, so we have both taken a week off work for some much needed r&r. We visited Oxburgh Hall today which is covered in scaffolding and the surrounding grounds have been badly effected by last week’s storm Doris…apparently 31 trees blown down. So some of the walking routes were out of bounds but we did find a very pleasant walk through woodland and across open meadow that, despite it still being the end of winter and with storm clouds gathering all around, made a very relaxing day out. Some more shots after the break

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Another day trip to Great Yarmouth allowed me 10 minutes before my meeting to trot onto the front and photograph the windfarm in the distance.

It was my birthday yesterday so Debbie and I travelled out to the North Norfolk coast to have a look around.

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