350/366 I Love You!

My parents have had a number of English Setters over the years, this is their latest, Milly, who is the softest, best tempered dog I have ever come across. Nothing makes her happier than a good stroke.

I Love You


341/366 Amongst the Remote Controls

He’s not allowed on the coffee table, he’s a naughty boy…mind you, we could probably do with tiding it up a bit…

Amongst the Remote Controls


308/366 Burgers Galore – Great Dunmow Bonfire Night

Tonight was the Dunmow Bonfire and Firework display held on the Recreation Ground. It was excellent and there were hundreds of people there…the place was thronged. The Round Table organise this and they were busy marshaling and, more importantly, cooking sausages and burgers, for an enormous line of hungry folk.

Burgers Galore


279/366 Asymmetric Me

They do say that if you are asymmetrical you will be more attractive… So, I thought I’d give it a test and here you have Asymmetric Me!

Can you tell which the real me is and which are the faces made up of just the left half of my face and which is just the right half of my face?

Asymmetric Me

It’s kind of freaky 😉


277/366 Badger…and the 70-200 Sigma Lens

So, i have a new lens to play with…Brian’s 70-200mm 2.8 Sigma lens. I’ve not really had chance to play with this much yet…but it has allowed me to photograph the elusive Badger. Badger, one of our 3 cats, does not like me, nor does he much care to be photographed so this lens provided me with a great opportunity to grab some shots of him without him feeling too threatened and legging it…of course he’s my wife’s favourite so any shots I get of him always go down well 😉




We had a great time at the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club tonight in the studio lighting masterclass put on by 2 of the members. We had three young ladies model for us who did a sterling job putting up with a ridiculous number of shots being fired at them from all angles without any proper warning.

My picture today was my best shot from this session. I have to say I found it really difficult directing the models, fortunately this young lady had enough confidence to direct herself and she did a great job. I think the fact that I don’t know her name shows how much I need to learn in studio portrait shooting!



268/366 Our Tutor

Today was the start of my City and Guilds Level 2 photography course. Over the next 2 years I’ll be spending most Monday evenings with this gentleman. I don’t think this shot will win any prizes, actually it’s not even vaguely sharp, however, it was the first of what will be many photographs I will no doubt take in this class. Having seen the standard of some of the past students work I’m hopeful that my photography will improve substantially over the next couple of years.



258/366 Fro Knows Photo

This is Jared Polin who runs froknowsphoto.com. He’s over from the States and ran a photowalk today…except so many turned up it turned into an hour and a half question and answer session. In the background is his colleague Adam Lerner.

Fro Knows Photo - Jared Polin