Busy day today which fortunately included some product shots for my wife’s company The Crimson Rabbit. This is one of her new cowls she has just added to her store.

It’s about time we had another shameless plug for Debbie’s shop – The Crimson Rabbit – which creates loads of amazing stuff…today some rather splendid purses…go and buy one!

It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of small torches and some silver foil.

For those of you who don’t know, bokeh is a Japanese word that describes the blobs of out of focus light in the background.

Well, I never thought I’d have Hello Kitty on here…another of Debbie’s (new) purse creations…coming soon to The Crimson Rabbit Store

This was literally the only photograph I took today…no one said they were all going to be winners 😉 At least I got a Christmas theme in!

That title finds my tongue firmly in my cheek, however, within 30 mins of my wife placing this item with attendant photographs in her Etsy store it was snapped up…if only everything was as simple as that 😉 If you are looking for some handmade knitware or some decorative figures have a look in her Etsy shop here.

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My Sony NEX7 and a bit of light painting

Today we tried to come up with something a bit different for some of my wifes knitted shawls and scarves, effectively replacing the background. Not entirely successful but a good piece of learning.

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A quiet day putting together this weeks Bishops Stortford Camera Club digital competition meant there wasn’t much time for actual photography. Debbie also had me rebuilding her www.thecrimsonrabbit.co.uk web site and asked me to take a shot of her latest quilt that she had just completed for an order…and that was that!

Another product photography day for Debbies’ The Crimson Rabbit shop…bags (with zips) are now very much on the production line – this is a detail shot of one of the new bags