I may have mentioned that my wife knits and crochets  all sorts of shawls, hats, cosies and what have you, and I’m the official photographer…if you are interested have a look over at www.thecrimsonrabbit.co.uk. So today was a photo session for that – here’s an example.

Today I have been mainly employed with product photography for my wife.

I love this autumnal bag she has made – the designs on the fabrics are great. I don’t know if this is going into her store or not as this particular bag was made as a commission…if you’re interested though you can find her at the Crimson Rabbit Burrow

Debbie has been busy designing a new bag for one of her customers to carry knitting equipment. I haven’t been called upon to do the official photoshoot just yet…that’ll probably follow shortly, so here’s a sneak peak preview.

We tried for ages this morning to get this set of items photographed for an auction my wife is doing with a couple of Etsy friends. The weather wasn’t favourable (chucking it down) so we tried to use a couple of flashes to light the items. This worked well, but we couldn’t get the composition we liked, so it’s back to the drawing board!

Whilst I was busy enjoying myself in Blackpool, Debbie was busy creating more of her Miss Foxes that have been so popular on Etsy.

So I returned home and was immediately put to work photographing them…only one of them would look at the camera 😉

If you are interested her shop can be found here – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CrimsonRabbitBurrow

My wife’s been working hard on a patchwork wall hanging over the last few days. This is one of about 9 panels that will make up the finished article.

A bit of product photography today – using some black velvet as a background and using some borrowed light stands and umbrellas with my strobes – 2 lights on this one left and right of the camera.

Some more photography for my wife today. She produced this crocheted scarf to be added to her Etsy store so I was dispatched to the garden to earn my dinner 😉

More product photography for The Crimson Rabbit – 7 Tilda style dolls all out having tea…or at least they would be if someone would just pour it 😉

If you want to buy one you can do so here – CrimsonRabbitBurrow and if you want to win one keep an eye out on The Crimson Rabbit’s facebook page over the next day or two.

It’s been a busy day of working on a range of product photography for my wife’s craft store today.

This was a work in progress she asked me to take for her – if you’re anything like me you will have been surprised by the 3 knitting needles, rather than the normal two. This is called knitting in the round and she is using the technique to knit some mittens.