This wasn’t supposed to be today’s picture. I took a number of shots of my wife’s new product…but the pictures have been embargoed because she is doing a special launch of them…and I can’t give the game away! I have taken a similar shot of a cowl earlier this year.

If I’d have known that before I wouldn’t have spent the rest of the day clearing out the loft 😉

My wife’s been requiring some more product photography again today so Ena came out for some head shots to show off this very vivd pink crochet beret. She’s now got a bit of a waiting list but, if you want to pick up some lovely knit ware, or some Easter Bunnies that have proved very popular visit her Crimson Rabbit shop here.

It’s been a quiet day on the photography front so it has come down to a battle between one of our cats and a work in progress…so I picked the work in progress if, for no other reason than my wife has had another order for one of these pieces that become a very attractive cowl when finished…she now has a short waiting list!

It was my intention to head out to the coast today but the weather was overcast and it was an hour and a half drive, each way…so I decided to stay at home and catch up on some chores.

This is a shot of my Fender Squire Bass guitar composited onto a new background. It’s always amazing to me how different you can make a picture look in photoshop.

The reference to the Barracuda Bass Sound is based on the 12 inch mix of a Stranglers song that featured said bass sound.

Photographically it was not a good day yesterday, all the ideas I had of pictures just didn’t work out for one reason or another. Coupled with that, the almost complete collapse of our broadband, after BT came to fix it…meant getting this image live, let alone taken, was something of a challenge!.

Anyhow…this is a felt purse my wife has made for her craft store…it’s not available for purchase yet, but will be soon!

I did a triptych of a creme egg being consumed a couple of years ago but was never entirely happy with it. So, I had another go at it…but got a bit carried away…if a triptych is 3 images, what is the name of a shot that has 6 images?

Anyhow, just remember, a creme egg is not just for Easter…according to the supermarkets, any time from Boxing Day is just fine 😉

My only regret is that I didn’t have a lime!

The continuation of my “Pairs” theme, Debbie tells me this is definitely a pair…I wasn’t so sure, cheese and biscuits I get, cheese and marmite…well…I did eat the cheese smeared with the marmite I’d used in the photo…and it was jolly tasty 😉

…as to why, at 46, my Mum still gets me a big pack of Smarties for Christmas every year 😉

To be fair to my Mum, the one year she didn’t get me and my brother Smarties for Christmas there was such an outcry from us she has never let us down again…I mean, who doesn’t like Smarties?

Bought for me by my father on my 21st birthday, it needs a little maintenance and a good clean…as do most of my watches…I do seem to be a bit of a graveyard for watches. Yesterday’s watch was shot in normal room light. Tonights shot was lit with a small torch – a technique known as light painting.