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I’m saying nothing more about this, other than, it was taken on my Samsung Galaxy S2 😉

Valium By Mail Order

What a nightmare of a day – work was quite hectic…but I did have a short break when I discussed the camera applications I had on my Samsung Galaxy S2 – he has the same camera. I do not know what I’m doing with my phone camera – I haven’t sussed it out yet at all. Indeed, one of the reasons for doing the 365 project was to learn how to use this camera as well as improving my general camera work. Anyhow, I took a shot of some paperwork on my desk, processed it with the Sophia setting in Pixlr-o-matic. At the time I like the effect and said I may use it for my one a day…

On returning home I found one of our cats was very poorly and had to take him first to the local Vets and then, when the diagnosis had been completed, to the emergency vets over in Saffron Walden. I got back home just in time to leave for camera club in Bishops Stortford and got home for my dinner at 10.45. So…no time for any more photography, thank god I made this image earlier!

By the way – the cat seems to be well on the mend.