We visited  Arger Fen & Spouse’s Vale in Suffolk today and had a good walk around the area. The bluebells are in full flow – I have included a shot of them below – but there were also loads of these flowers around and we weren’t sure what they were, so I took a shot to find out…and ended up really liking the shot, so went with this, rather than the bluebells for today’s shot.

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On my way back from Great Yarmouth this evening I stopped off very briefly at Covehithe in Suffolk to have a look at the trees that have been sucked into the sea by erosion…as you will see, in the part of the coast I was on there really wasn’t much to see.

Today’s trip out was our regular visit to Aldeburgh for fish and chips, and then a visit to Snape for a look at the River Alde there.

I have taken The Scallop before but went bananas on the processing today…too much? I like it so it stays 😉

More photos after the break…

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I thought I’d be able to get to this rather lovely wind-pump just outside Lowestoft a good 40 minutes before sunset after working in Great Yarmouth today. As always, the best laid plans meant I turned up just before sunset – this picture was the first I took as I approached the mill.

My one piece of luck was that there was a sunset at all, it having been grey and rainy most of the day…so I was pretty happy…after the break there is a second shot looking away from the sunset which has a completely different feel.

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I popped across to the Suffolk coast this afternoon to have a look at Shingle Street.

If you ever want a good work out just take a brisk walk up and down this stretch of coast!

I’ve seen some great pictures of this area, unfortunately I didn’t know if the optimum time to visit was low or high tide. Today it was high tide…the optimum time to visit is, apparently, low tide 😉

I’ll be back!

I like detail shots, but I’m not good at either seeing them or capturing them, so I am really trying to force myself to find these types of shots. I was quite pleased with this one from my walk down at Lower Holbrook today.

Another visit to Alton Water in Suffolk. This lunchtime I parked up at the main car park and set off to visit a part of the lake I hadn’t been to before. There’s a large outcrop of land that juts out into the main lake giving a nice view of the reservoir in both directions…it’s also a good spot for Grey Herons (Ardea cinerea) to hide away from prying eyes (or cameras). I spotted this one on the opposite bank and allowed me to photograph him/her for a short while before getting irritated and flying off. 

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Tool a quick sprint down to Pin Mill on the River Orwell at lunchtime and took this shot of the Betula. The tide was in, and when the tide is in, there’s actually not much coastline to get at…still a lovely spot.

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All things Orwell…the bad weather certainly didn’t reach Suffolk today!

Popped out for a quick march around part of Alton Water this lunchtime and came across this fallen tree on the edge of the reservoir.